Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Does the logo light up on this one too?

Same TV 30 bucks cheaper excellent condition.

Previous 2 woots:

4 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Secondipity has this model for $220.99

How does the “digital light sensor” work? It seems like it would be frustrating after a while.

720p not good or not noticeable on a 32 inch?

On a 32" you won’t notice and any resolution issues with 720p.

My experience:
I have the Vizio 37" and love it. A few years ago Vizio was not a well known name, but my experience is that their products score well, perform well and are priced low.

Product website:

with manual:

and quick start guide:

Yes. When off it has a dim orange glow. White when TV is on

Regurgitated again:

Fall 2010 PC World reader survey on HDTV: Vizio quality above average

Summer 2010 PC Magazine reader survey on HDTV:

edit: and the actual table from the article:,1871,iid=267315,00.asp

I’ve never heard of this website. Also unless I missed it I don’t see warranty info.

A few of you have linked to a cheaper version of this TV - but the cheaper version you linked to is in “EXCELLENT” condition which their site defines as “they have been handled by the original owner, the store, and our facility, they may have a few very minor scratches.” Whereas with Woot, you’re paying for a refurbished item which is considered “like new” cosmetically, has been tested and fixed by the manufacturer.

Is 720p and 60hz noticeable on a 32" TV compared to one with 1080p and 120hz?

Secondipity FAQ
We guarantee the items we sell for 30 days from date of purchase. Some items may be sold with known cosmetic damage. All such damage will be noted on the product listings. In the unlikely event of a functional problem, we provide a full and complete refund or an exchange, both at no cost to our customers.

The 1.06 billion colors in the description means that this television uses 30-bit color, which is 10 bits per color channel (red, green, and blue). And if you care about the math, the way to calculate the bit depth from the number of colors is:


I bought mine from Secondipity. The TV came with all manuals and cables as if from the factory. The TV looks like it was never actually taken out of the box as it still had all the factory protective wrappings.

Nice out of context quote. Actual Excellent Condition description.

Excellent Condition
These items will be in near perfect condition. As they have been handled by the original owner, the store, and our facility, they may have a few very minor scratches. However, these will need to be sought out and will not be immediately evident without a close inspection.

It shows up in rainbow when you’re watching the Logo channel. it’s a feature.