Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Well if the laptop didn’t do it this could.

I still want a bigger one…

Wait. Didn’t they have this yesterday?

this is a great deal, everyone should buy 3, i’m going to.

I got an email about pills for that, I could forward it if you want.

Hmmm, why did they put a 32" screen into a 42" TV cabinet?

still waiting for you to buy 3 ;p

That’s what she said…

size does matter!

That’s what sh…
Oh, never mind… That was as expected as “Will it work with a Mac?”

Amazon’s got it at 329, so it seems to be a fairly good deal.
A smart sound adjustment that keeps commercials from getting ridiculously loud.
The screen itself is a sort of matte texture, so the chance of glare is reduced greatly.
Just about everything is customizable for Picture, Audio, Channel locking, etc. (especially if you get into advanced menus)

^stolen from an amazon reviewer.

That guy must be shooting at the spider from the last woot.

How many TVs did I miss when I was asleep? How many TVs do they have? Over 9000?

It’s just like the one I got at Costco for the same price…only refurbished!

apparently the sound is pretty good from the speakers too, which is a plus, cuz at 32 inches, I don’t think people will be hooking this one up as their main tv… might be a nice bedroom upgrade though.

Eww… Not LED, only 720p and 60 hz? Pass.

If anyone lives near Hopkins,MN you can get this tv at a pretty good deal…

The same tv for $200

Aww I missed the Leak Frogs. Love those things. Shows me for sleeping.

Amazon also has it “new” with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.