Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Yay! Something different!

Gah! you had me until “720p”

great, are they gonna have a million of these things too?

Not real enough. Give me 1080p-leeease

Is this a good tv?

Did he die?

Hey buds. Bought one of these two weeks ago, and just you know…pretty sure it went out this morning. Less than ten days. Buy with caution, y’all! Hoping it works when I get home, but not betting on it.

Matt - Indiana

Selling a TV on the Internet is SO novel…errr…That’s why WOOT is so amazing???

have two now…from previous woots. great tv…no issues (owned for 2 months.) did get 2 yr square trade warranties just in case.

Who puts the bank right next door to a saloon? That’s just asking for trouble.

Yay, TVs!

We have the 47" version of this screen, the housing looks exactly the same.

Great picture, great sound, great tv in general. Plenty of connections for us (gamers and netflixers).

Yikes, they have a lot of these. Why buy 720p when you can hold out for 1080 for maybe an extra $60?

They only had 1200 of the lego bluetooths…720p kills the deal for me…hopefully they won’t have 1200 of these.

Ugh more TVs…be back later

At that size, it really doesn’t matter…


at 32in there is almost no perceivable difference between 720 and 1080

That’s what she said