Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Anyone know if this will support playing videos off a flash drive plugged into the side usb port? Could use that for work, if so…

Well now you know.

No TV for me, but the BBQ looks really good.

And knowing is half the battle. GO JOE!

I seriously doubt that, I have a new 42" vizio with the works and the usb port only does photos

I bought 2 of these off Woot in the past. Bouught the first, liked it so much I bought another when Woot offered it again.
No regrets. Great HD picture, Superior picture quality comparing it to my 1st gen 32" HD LCD TV.
I don’t think anyone who buys this will complain about it’s picture or sound quality. No, it does not make a very good gaming monitor using it as a computer moniter.

Square Trade… it’s a beautiful thing. I think they’re offering a 30% discount today. Add 2 more years of warranty for cheap.

I liked the part in the movie where my phone died and a 30 minute cat-nap turned into a 3 hour snoozefest. I’m alright though because it looks like the last 3 hours have been a snoozefest…

Probably woulda’ bought 3 of those mail notifiers like a dumb idiot… Those flashlights woulda’ been nice though.

Oh well. My phone is plugged in now; so maybe I’ll try this nap thing again

Visio products should be inclusions in the famed Bag o’ Crap.

This is a great deal! I just recently brought a newer model from PC Connection Express that has Web Apps for $50 more. It was only $299.00 with Free shipping.

Per this review, it only supports still images, not video. The review indicates this is a decent, cheap TV - not stellar in any area but not bad either.

I think those were bundled with the smaller 33 inch models.

did i miss ipad?

buyer bewaaaare

Vizio’s are know to have problems…

such as these


oh yeah thats right, and if you bought 2 they threw in the left handed screw driver.

I’ve done that, and that was better.

This might not be the most amazing price in the universe, but my dinosaur 47" Rear Projection Panasonic just sh*t the bed last night and the first thing I see today is the Visio on a Woot-off. I say it’s a sign. Buying one… ‘cause I’m s’pposed ta’.

I just bought my mother 2 Vizio LCD TVs and I’m very impressed with the picture quality. I’d get a Vizio to replace my Sony Bravia if I needed to (but I’m keeping my Panasonic Plasma).

You got the left handed screwdriver too? I wanted the marine hammer.

That looks like a fun problem. I’m sure you’d think it’s pretty unless it happened to your TV.