VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV

**Item: **VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV
Price: $209.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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It’s a 32 inch Smart TV for just over $200! How could you go wrong??

I needed a new TV for the garage. This will fit the bill nicely.

Got one of these from woot a few months ago. Other than taking a long time to turn on (15 seconds or so), it has been great. Love the Netflix and Prime connection.

Ugh, in reality 15 seconds is quite a while. Is that normal for TVs in this size range?

I got a 32" RCA from sears for 201 after tax, but it was 29.3" and the niche I need it for is 29 even. This would be a good fit, but 15s!

Can you get square trade warranties on returns?

Purchased a “refurbished” 39" Visio LED TV at the end of April for $279.95 + $5.00 shipping. Great deal I thought! It came right away but after hooking it up, the colors are washed out (weak). Tried adjusting but it didn’t help. Warranty is 90 days but its not through Visio. I have to box it up and send it back to California for repair at my expense! Not buying “refurbished” again. Will consider buying “factory reconditioned” since the warranty will be thru the manufacturer. Hope you have better luck with your purchase!

Based on previous woot! sales on this TV the majority of people were quite satisfied. That’s good enough for a basic (Netflix) streaming TV for the bedroom for me. In for 2 of them.

I’ve seen waaaaay too many Vizio brand tv’s up for sale as refurbs. Makes me wonder what’s wrong with 'em - maybe they’re being made in the Hisense factories. Pass.

I have a MK802 Android stick that I use with my non-smart TV; can anybody here compare a Smart TV with one of those? I stream Netflix quite handily with the thing; it may take 15s to boot, too, but the TV comes up much faster (<5S). You aren’t hampered by the smartness if you just want to watch live TV. Also got a smart Blu-Ray player that is awfully slow navigating its OS for streaming media.

I got this TV several months ago from Sam’s Club (new) and so far so good. I’d give it a 8/10.

The picture is good and the sound is good (considering it is a TV and not a 5.1 system). However, it takes several seconds to turn on initially.

Also, when using the internet apps, it sometimes takes a while to think, and it has even frozen up a few times (and I had to pull the power cord out to restart it). I haven’t had connection issues, but I am plugged in with ethernet instead of using wifi, since that will always produce a stronger connection (and it is mounted literally right above my router).

For the cost, it is a great deal.

We’re working on the servers.

Got the TV a couple of days ago and it’s been doing its thing in my kitchen. I’ve had my eye out for a small TV with Netflix built-in, but never thought much of Vizios. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this model. Picture and sound quality are fantastic for a TV of its size in this price range. Hopefully it holds up!