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Dang IT!

Apparently im stupid, i have the answer and i’ve tried 10 links, none of them are working :O(

Can someone show me WHAT link im suppose to be pasting

Too late, again. :frowning:

They REALLY need to have more than ONE of these per quest…

ALWAYS this:

and then the answer at the end? Does that make sense? lol God I feel blonde.

Someone wanna break that one down?


I got this one faster then any of the others I had done and I was still to slow :frowning:

( 5 + 5 + 11) ^ 3

5th largest in area and population, 11th largest in oil consumption and 3 seasons/cycles of Brazil’s next top model

they give you the url to put in after

then using the puzzle, you must determine what to put at the end of the url

in this example, it was (5+5+11)^3=9261

so the 9261 is added at the end of the url

I’m lost on this one. I got (12+5+5)^3 = 22^3 = 10648. What did I miss this time?

At least I figured it out on my own…too bad I was too slow…

nice, so you can see above I was off one for oil consumption (CIA World Factbook says 12) and I couldn’t see the full URL. Where did you find everything after the “bdbc4e1a8abb46adaaabcb9f37d9”? that’s where it stopped on my screen.

They were ranked 11th in oil consumption, not 12th

I guess it depends on where you look. This had 12 :frowning:

oops sorry, I just meant the answer for this one =P

You find info here:

That’s where we’re supposed to be discussing the game too.
It’s always + some random string they list on the sale page + the answer to the trivia

It’s only 12th in that ranking because they included both the separate European nations and the European Union. Among the actual countries on the list its 11th.