VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV

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**Item: **VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV
Price: $209.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Walmart has these for $198.00

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Anyone have any experience using these new-fangled TVs as a monitor for your desktop? Any pros or cons versus monitors that are actually called monitors?

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Here is the product page on Vizio’s website.

I wouldn’t recommend it, simply because the resolution is horrible when viewed up close. As a TV, fine. But as a computer monitor you’re usually sitting closer, so it would look horribly pixelated.

You wouldn’t want to do that with this one - it’s only 720p. You want 1080p if you’re using something for a computer monitor.

Also, 32" seems really, really big for a computer monitor if it’s something sitting on your desk. (Now if it’s for some kind of collaborative workspace where you have multiple people standing around looking at it, that may be different.)

To answer your question, though, we have a 42" VIZIO in our conference room and we use hook laptops up to it for every meeting. It works great.

Walmart $198 is not the smart version with the wifi

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