VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV

**Item: **VIZIO 32" 720p LED Smart TV
Price: $209.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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De-nied :frowning: I guess I wasn’t quick enough. Looks like a nice monitor

I declare shenanigans!

Had it in my cart and ready to proceed to check out but been logged in for too long so my login had timed out… Lesson learned! ?
no. ?
no. ?
yes, but you’re an idiot and now they’re all gone.


There are a hundred of them it seems. Still a bit off that these are 1366 x 768 resolution (no 1080p) and don’t even have legacy ports (S-Video).

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Damn President Tafty

Wow. What a fun game to get a bag of crap. - said no one with kids.

I want to play that game. Right now. XD

I am vaguely amused that nobody is jumping up and down, screaming “OH EM GEE WOOTKILL”

Apparently you have not heard that those posts have earned him free BOCs randomly sent to him.




Well since this item seems to be PRETTY slow…

You should go read the backlog of Home.Woot stories.

Or pick up Hinkle and Miller. Redline starts again on Friday, come Halifax, high water, or zombie apocolypse!


Where is the bag of crap?