VIZIO 32" Bluetooth Sound Bar

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VIZIO 32" Bluetooth Sound Bar
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought this one a couple months back when it was about $10 more. Not bad for the price. Definitely better than the stock TV speakers. The display is a little simplistic, just lights that indicate which input it is on. You have to either keep the manual around or just keep cycling through until you find the correct input. That’s my only real gripe.

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A couple of solid reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

I’ve been looking for one of these for, coincidentally, my 32" Vizio TV. My only question, not answered in the previous sale’s thread, is if my TV remote can control the volume in this or if I need to use a separate remote.

Enough bass and power to use alone in the kitchen?

I bought this couple months back when it was $49.99. Only issue I had was it came either with wrong power brick or wrong power cable. I had to use an old laptop power cable and it work. Called Vizio say had to go through woot and contact woot and they say it was past 7 days. As long as it doesn’t go bad within the 90 warantee cause no one would probably cover it. But otherwise seem to be working fine.

I’ve had this soundbar for 2 years. While it is much better than the tv sound, you’ll still want to pair it with a sub. It provides a pretty decent simulated surround sound for the money. I’ve had no problems with the unit itself. The remote has been finicky at times, but hasn’t been a major issue.

The only real complaint I have is that you can’t adjust the bass level without the remote.

Speaking of, does this unit come with a remote?

Yes… at least, it is in my kitchen!

You can always add a subwoofer later if desired.

I bought this same Vizio soundbar when offered in March… and it arrived with a remote control.

Thinking about picking this up as a replacement for PC speakers.

Although it did not have mounts available on the back, I used the wall mounts, a “universal” mounting bracket and $.60 worth of exra screws and nuts to attach it to the top of my TV. Improved the sound quality immensely. I used this mount, but there are others…

I have read several comments about these speakers having a remote. Will my TV remote not adjust the volume of the sound bar?

I bought this the last time it was up on Woot. We’re using it on a 26" Vizio TV in our bedroom. The sound is much better than the stock speakers; much fuller. It makes you realize how limited the stock, in TV speakers are. Is this a replacement for a surround system? Not at all. But for smaller setup, it’s just about perfect.

The unit came with a power adapter, remote and a thin optical cable. (it may have come with an Aux or an RCA cable…I can’t recall) I went with a different optical cable I picked up on Amazon.

I couldn’t find a lot of information out there on remotes. Best I can tell, you need a universal Vizio remote to control the volume and your TV. My Vizio TV remote won’t control the soundbar.

This appeals to me because I’d like to control the volume separately from my television.

I’ve been using a Harmony remote but “computer speakers” attached to the TV so far. Nice, but I’d be happier to have the cable box and Roku directly attached to the speaker(s) than through the television. On occasion, I’d like to play a music station (Pandora, Music Choice, etc.) without having to power on the TV display. For at least the Roku, this means a fixed volume unless I get off the couch and rotate a speaker volume dial attached to the speakers. Remote control of volume is nice.

I suppose I could buy a receiver, but all I really need is remote volume control speakers.

I bought this a few weeks ago for my bedroom and the sound is junk. I gave it to my daughter for her phone. I’d rather listen to the TV speakers than this peace of crap. I was very disappointed.

Anyone tried this for music? I’ve been looking for a good wireless system for listening to music while cooking.

I’ve had the non-bluetooth version for about 5 years. I use a seperate powered subwoofer. This can’t be beat for any where near the price!

I have then non bluetooth version of this soundbar, and for the most part it works great. However one interesting problem I ran into is that it can overheat in warm environments.

It took me a long time to figure out what was happening. The sound would cut out after being on a while, and after turning it off, I couldn’t turn it on for a few minutes, but when I did get it back on it worked fine. After a couple hours of searching the problem, it turned out it was just too hot of a day for it. I have since then moved to a house with better air conditioning, no issues since.