VIZIO 32" Bluetooth Sound Bar

That’s probably up to your TV. I have an older Vizio tv and a different sound bar, but my TV remote controls the output volume of the optical out signal. I would guess that TV’s that have an audio output at least control the level of that audio output.

So, we usually just keep the sound bar on a certain setting and use the TV remote to control the sound passed by the TV.

Fine while it lasted. I have this sound bar in my bedroom for watching tv. I dont use it very loud as I mostly watch at night.

However, after less than 6 months of use there is a feedback type sound. If I turn the tv to low volumes I hear ocean or air wave static.

The warranty was for only 1 month.

I wish the remote also had more options to adjust sound levels. There isnt much control on the remote that comes with it.

Priced great, Disappointed with its longevity.

That’s ideal and what I would hope would be the case. Any idea what models you have?

I have a E320i-B1 TV and just chatted with Vizio support and they told me I’d need two separate remotes (obviously barring a universal remote) to control both. I wonder if that’s really the case though.

My TV is only a yearish old, so it’s new enough that I’d hope they recognize people would like to use a soundbar as a replacement for the TV speakers and let the volume act accordingly.

I bought one of these the last go-around.

Can’t give a review as the one I received never worked. The sound would zoom up to the highest volume and stay there.

Shout out to Woot’s customer service for making the return/credit process easy.

I pass.

RE: Controlling volume with the TV remote. I found this in the manual for my TV

Analog Audio Out - Sets the volume control properties for the 3.5mm (headphone jack) connector when connected to a home theater audio system. Select Variable to control the headphones’ volume from the TV’s volume controls, or select Fixed to control the headphones’ volume from your home theater system controls. (Some external speakers can also be connected to the 3.5mm connector.)

It sounds like that setting might allow me to control it with the TV remote. (page 32)

I’ve found that my Panasonic TV only works right with Panasonic sound bars. Has anyone tried using this with a Panasonic?

Also, does it have optical input?

Thank you!

I have the non bluetooth version of this bar. Unfortunately you have to use the separate remote, and it has IR issues, gotta point the remote pretty dead on straight.

Well, I can answer the optical input. Per the specs:

Analog Audio Input: (1) RCA Stereo Audio
Analog Audio Input: (1) 3.5mm Stereo Audio
Digital Audio Input: (1) Optical (Toslink)
Subwoofer Output: (1) Subwoofer Out Connector

I have the pre-Bluetooth version of this. It sounds a lot better than most built-in TV speakers, but it’s not going to replace a serious home theater setup.

Remotes can be problematic. The one that came with mine is a credit-card size blob that is really easy to lose. A Harmony programmable remote works, and some DVR remotes do too.

The easiest thing would be if your TV lets you control the analog or optical out volume with the regular remote, but my Sony doesn’t do that.

I might have a dud. Not sure yet. When I turn it on, it stays on for a few seconds, then shuts off with a loud terrible-sounding buzz and popping sound. Like a jack being pulled out of an amp or something.

I’m assuming that’s… not normal…

Ugh, yeah, I’d go with no, not normal. Have you contacted Vizio yet? If not, I’d certainly reach out to them, first.

Additionally, please don’t hesitate to email with your issue and order info if you need extra assistance. Let us know how it goes!

Got mine yesterday. I am very happy with it so far. It sounds superior to the speakers built into my TV. Voices really stand out, the main reason I wanted a sound bar. It’s a bonus that it also has a blue tooth connection.

With that said, this unit is not surprisingly weak in the bass department. Adding a sub to this would improve the already good sound quite a bit. At $40 this is a really good deal.

Hey there Manhandsha. Well I did as you suggested and contacted Vizio at 1-877-698-4946 which was listed on the 30-day warranty pamphlet included in the box.

After telling the nice lady on the phone the serial number, date of purchase, and that I got it from woot, she paused and said that they will not honor the 30-day warranty.

Wait, what?

Yeah. She said that is not an authorized seller of Vizio products. When I started to read off the warranty that “VIZIO provides a warranty to the original purchaser of its products against defects—” she says that I, the end user, do not qualify as Vizio sold the sound bars to a refurbisher, not to, and not to me. Thus, the warranty is null.

I pointed out that woot lists there is a 30-day VIZIO warranty. She says that is not correct, and that is the warranty provider and I must go through woot and woot alone.

…what… the hell…

Could someone please explain to me why Vizio is denying that their products sold on Woot have no warranty? Because right now, I’m uncomfortable buying their stuff here for now on.

In the meantime I’ll contact as Manhandsha offered, but it looks like I’ll have to return it to woot. Sad face.

I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’re having with this order. I’ll be sure to ping CS for you, too.

Appreciate the sentiments. I’m sure I’m in good hands. <3

Okay I just sent my letter to support via the page explaining everything. Got my confirmation email with case #. Now to play the waiting game.

Good hands? Probably. Big? DEFINITELY. :slight_smile: Enjoy your Saturday.

Bandrik: Just wanted to let you know that we’ve contacted VIZIO as we ARE an authorized reseller. They are communicating with their support team.

Do you have a VIZIO case number or a rep name you can give me? Private Message would probably be best.

To PM me, click on the envelope next to my name in this post. To view your private messages, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

Sounds much better than the TV speakers when hooked up to my subwoofer. Here are my problems: The remote does not work well. Need to really hold it down to turn the volume up or down. Also, the digital optical audio cable that it came with does not work. Don’t know if it’s the cable or the speaker. Woot said I could return the speaker but had none to send as a replacement. When I asked if a replacement cable could be sent they did not respond. It has been a week and I’m not happy with their service.

Sorry you haven’t heard back. My guess is there aren’t any cables to send out, but I can’t speak to that 100%. I’ve sent your info along; you should receive a reply soon.