Vizio 36" 5.1.2 Home Theater Sound System w/ Atmos

Vizio 36" 5.1.2 Home Theater Sound System w/ Atmos

This seems quite similar. The model numbers are different but at first glance I can’t tell the difference between the two.

It appears the Woot version has Dolby Atmos. How well it achieves upward firing of sound is something to investigate - if you are willing to shell out the extra $$. Vizio sound bars are generally well regarded.

i got this off the woot earlier this year. Sleek looking easy to install with several connection options. However. There is a dramatic lag between the screen and audio. Makes everything you watch appear as a badly dubbed movie.


What is the source of the video? (direct from TV, bluray player, roku, etc…) Are you using the soundbar as a pass-through for the video?

Please look under the soundbar’s settings:

Press the Menu button and use the Up/Down Arrow buttons on
the remote to access the different functions and acoustic settings
of the sound bar. Each function and setting will be displayed on
the remote control’s LCD display. The LED Indicators will behave
differently with each function.

Arrow through until you find the the AV Delay setting
Press the Next/Previous button to increase/decrease the amount of audio
delay. The LED indicators will move to the top with increasing audio delay

There are a couple potential causes / fixes for this. Are you using the soundbar as a pass-through? If not, try that - it can help solve audio delay (although funny enough sometimes this actually cuases the sound to be ahead of the video :P)

If you’re using HDMI as the audio source, try using the optical audio instead. Sometimes HDMI sound inputs cause lag.

Received mine very quickly from Woot. Everything was packed very well.

Hooked it all up, defective no sound…

I have contacted Woot, will see what the say Vizio warranty is 30 days