Vizio 36" 5.1.2 Home Theater Sound System w/ Atmos

Vizio 36" 5.1.2 Home Theater Sound System w/ Atmos

Upside: This item sounds great for it size and cost. Probably best bang for the buck for an Atmos soundbar.

Downside: It is a constant struggle to keep it working for any period of time. I’m on my third (new) one. First two both had a known issue of neverending looping during firmware updates. Third one sent by Vizio (their Customer service webpage is also a non working nightmare requiring multiple calls to CS) doesn’t loop but has some other minor issues (powers off by itself without being in an ECO mode randomly) that are getting very annoying overtime. It has to be reset pulling the plug at least once a week.

I have an earlier gen non Atmos Vizio soundbar that never had a problem and also sounds great, but would pass on this one if I could do it over again.

PRICE DROP We dropped the price! If you already bought at the higher retail, you’ll be getting a refund for the difference.

I bought one of these a few months back for almost twice the price. The system sounds absolutely fantastic. I was a little concerned about the size of the subwoofer but it has no trouble filling the room with bass. I would highly recommend it.

Does this upscale non Atmos to using the atmos or are those speakers just not functional during non Atmos material use

I just bought the 5.1 from Target for 128 and trying to decide if this is worth the extra money

I saw in the Q&A from BB website someone asked this and was and here is vizio’s answer:

A: The Dolby Atmos sound bar system is designed to give you are true Atmos experience and upconvert non - Atmos content in any environment. You will still be able to hear an Atmos effect when using this sound bar in your environment.

By VIZIOEntertainmentExpert 1 year ago

Thanks. I found something similar in another review. Appreciate the assist

I bought this item for 229. How do I get the refund for it being 199?

It will be refunded back to whatever method you used to order it. Like all merchants that offer credit card purchases, the refund will probably take a few days to be credited to your account.

Anyone listened to this and the big brother version with the 10" sub? It’s going in our bedroom (where we have a 5.1 Vizio with a similar 6" sub) and I’m curious how it compares. For this price compared to $700 at best on the big brother model, I’m half tempted to just go with this…