Vizio 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

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Vizio 37" 1080p LCD HDTV
$339.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Vizio E370VL 1080p 37" LCD HDTV w/ 2 HDMI, Digital Ambient Light Sensor & SRS TruSurround HD

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Some reviews!

Not the greatest picture… But not at all bad for the price!
Installed a couple of these last week and they have a decent picture and features…

Decent. Been looking for a new monitor for the office.

Not quite the same, But similar product from way back woot

I own one of these. It’s a very nice TV and this price makes it nicer.

YouTube review

What is with all of the TVs all of the sudden?

I already have six here, but the Little People are kinda cute, I’d woot! them :slight_smile:

Reviews etc.


cnet - they actually reviewed a bigger model in this series.



More than $100 off the price for new.

this is the TV i own, and i love it! it works very well and the picture is great. i bought mine new, so
i can’t speak to the quality of the refurb, but i would recommend the vizio 37" to anyone. the woot price is a good deal, too. hope you enjoy yours as much as i enjoy mine…

We have a Vizio LCD HDTV and the sound is a problem. The volume jumps up and down even during a show not just during the commercials. I contacted their customer support and they said they would send out software to fix the problem. Never got it. Our original LCD is a Sony and it is far superior to the Vizio

I remember having Little People when I was a kid!! They were some of the best toys ever! Behind Legos of course!

… and tonight, it TRULY is a 1080p

they are also known to burnout the video drivers, the mobo to fry from power supply voltage irregular spikes, and Vizio will give a lame runaround or disagree to repair.


I’ve been playing with one and done a bunch of googling. Vizio tvs are cheap…just remember that, lol. Ive found lots of problems when i read around a lil.

lots of diff reviews like with anything
but buyer beware, im playing with one and 5 of my friends have had to do the same thing with theirs (thankfully mine came from a friend whos died, so i took it as a toy…)

there are a handful of websites out there that have full FAQs on howto fix these…but unless u have electronics tools and know-how, this will be a bit complicated for the common household user.

anyways, thats my 2 cents


See DJ Nikon

I bought this exact model refurbished at Sams Club a year ago in a month for about $400. I use it primarily for my xbox, but the HD TV tuner is good. It is not a samsung or sony by any means, but at this size and definition, you likely wont beat the price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a TV in this size. Be aware however, if you get a dead pixel, Vizio will be jerks about it. I bought a razer LED from them, and the one dead pixel wasnt enough. I actually had to return it to the store so they would take it from them, yet again from sams club.
Summed up, great TV for the price, but dont expect much from customer service when you encounter a problem.

Bought one at Wal-Mart two weeks ago for $507 after tax. Been pretty good so far.

My YouTube Vizio Broken Review Demo

this was captured to show a common issue Vizio’s have and generally need be repaired for