Vizio 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

I like how on the back it rates the inputs from good to better to best. That’s funny. lol

People put way too much stock into 120Hz. Sure it’s nice but if you put similar spec’d TVs next to each other, one at 60Hz refresh and one at 120Hz, 80%+ of people couldn’t tell the difference. Similar to smaller TV’s and 720p vs. 1080p.

It’s a good price for a decent TV, don’t be dissuaded by the 60Hz bashing.

Why would you want that TV? It’s all wet.

I have this exact TV in my bedroom. I bought it last June for $450 at BJ’s. The picture is really good but occasionally there is a buzz sound from the speakers at low volume.

The only other problem is I bought a wall mount for it which is the 2 bars that the TV hangs on and the lower bar goes directly though the input area so it makes it a PITA to hook anyhting up if the TV is already mounted.

Ah, I just bought 2 shirts this week, but I’d go for a woot shirt too!

They dry them off and call them refurbished.

Agreed. Especially at 37". Before this was advertised by LCD manufacturers no one noticed that their 60Hz LCD TV was dwarfed by plasma which was always 600 Hz. It’s just advertising hype unless you want 240Hz for 3D.

Okay, I’m in for one. I couldn’t let it go by at this price!

WalMart is selling these new for $120 more. I’d say it’s not a horrible deal.

Good morning w00t!-off! I am slightly disappointed in your lack of a newsletter as a heads-up this time… Ah well, here goes 2 days of people whining for a BOC. Hopefully I’ll spot something I need.

I bought this TV last Woot Off or so…

[edit: just checked mine was a V0370M, this is a E370VL, same refresh rate though]

(being Wooted off first excited the TV then filled it with shame)

despite that I have never had any problems, very happy with the picture, tempted to get another for no reason.

so this was on last week and i almost bought it. 319 for a 37 vizio is a good price right? does anyone have this exact tv? is 60 Hz a problem?

“There are so many layers to this show! So many subtitles! I’ll tell you, without the deeper blacks and brighter whites this Vizio E370VL 1080p 37” LCD HDTV offers, I don’t think we’d notice anywhere near as much.”

So, did you mean subtitles or subtleties?


oooo oooo does the rain come with it?

Ah, that makes sense.

1080p isn’t noticeable by the human eye on TV’s under 42in.

60hz is noticeable on my grandmothers tv.

I hope you’re trolling with that info, parallaxx

So whats the big deal. It is transmitted at 60 HZ. A 120 HZ tv will just display the same frame twice and a 240 HZ TV will display the same frame 4 times.

You did notice that I have 0 quality posts…

The higher refresh rates reduce artifacts. Which is a shame, really. Fewer artifacts put Indiana Jones out of business.

Quite rightly, after that last film, I feel.

You did realize that i’m not serious…