Vizio 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

I bought this a week ago through woot at the same price. I’d comment on the TV, but I haven’t received it yet.

Welp, I’ve been looking at TVs and this deal was too hard to pass up.

Plus it’s my birthday, so happy birthday me. The tax on this hurt tho.

cuz she has coke bottles for glasses lmao

Don’t forget your “I”'s and “P”'s. That makes all the difference in your video quality dispute.

I got a plasma to avoid that debate…and also because one day I hope to re-engineer it as a plasma cannon. I figure I’ve already got the plasma part, so all I need is a cannon. Maybe this’ll be the woot-off for it!

Iz looking for a monkey, bag o’ carp, Woot T-shirt or a flat screen between 23-34" kthnx

wants that crap!

Nope, you’ve been misinformed.

//actual end of discussion

This was my third refurbed Woot TV and our second Vizio. I bought it last time it was on regular woot. It is out for delivery today. We have never had any problems with them. Well one of them got zinged with a power surge after four years of use but I can’t blame woot for that!

Bouncing button… NEXT!

Not worth it…not refurbished. You can get a NEW TV at this size around the same price (and possibly 120hz) if you keep your eye on other deals around the net.

In for one…

My kiddos threw a ball into my vizio 37" 720p last night. I really liked the tv.

Thank goodness for a WooToff today and a 1080p upgrade for a great price.

Now all I need is some torture devices to ‘play’ with the kids and my WooToff day will be complete :wink:

There are so many different things that classify as “refurbished” nowadays that a large portion of the time the TV is essentially brand new. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer though. Something as trivial as a MFR deciding to update the power cord, so they have to remove all the old power cords from their current stock and put the new one in. Well, to them it no longer counts as “brand new” so they sell it as refurb.

Don’t be surprised if you get the TV and it looks like it’s never been touched. I’m not sure about Vizio but I’d assume it’ll be in good shape.

I have to wonder if some of the people complaining about the 60Hz refresh are doing so simply because 120 is a bigger number. Personally, I find the “smoothing” to look unnatural.

As a person with eyes, yes, the difference between 720p and 1080p is noticeable on my 37" LCD. There are so many factors involved in this discrimination, but mostly it comes down to pixel density (which has an absolute value along with a perceived value based on distance/field of view).

I was kind of hoping to get my TV this week, but your story is making it sound like its going to take half a month…

Forgot to mention earlier… missed out on getting this on woot about a week (?) ago, managed to snag it this time! woo(t)hoo!!!

Has anyone had their TV ship yet?

NO! Just checking to see what is the deal?!??!

Nope, post if you find out anything…