Vizio 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

I didn’t think so because I hadn’t received tracking yet, but tried track by reference on FedEx and found that it actually shipped on Thursday. I would recommend you guys try that too.

What is the “reference” I should use?

Your order#

Mine shipped at 4p today.

Me too…

Looks like they’re all shipping today! Woot! Woot!

Mine shipped on the 10th from Anaheim, CA. On the FedEx truck for delivery today!

I received mine, it appears to work… but I did not get part of the stand, a power cable, or a remote control. I’m working on finding the codes from Vizio so I can program a universal remote I have and then finish the on-screen setup process.

Fortunately, the power cable is a standard computer cable that I have plenty of.

My TV was delivered yesterday. Works perfect, thought the picture would be a little brighter and more crisp, maybe I just have to play around with the settings more.

So far, it’s a great tv for the price.

Had the same feeling out of the box. If you fiddle with the vid settings (try starting with their “vivid” settings as a baseline), it looks a lot better.

Turning off the ambient light censor also might help, though that is more a matter of preference.

Did anyone have issues installing the neck for the stand? If so how did you solve it?

Anyone have a light buzzing sound (kind of like a CPU or HDD spinning) It goes away sometimes. I guess I better check the warranty info…crap!