Vizio 37” High Definition LCD TV

Nice woot


I got one from Costco a few months back… terrible sound. Should have taken it back when I had the chance. Pthhhh


66 in 12 minutes

i can’t afford this nor would i want it where is the bag of crap

good deal on a tv.

or better yet, only 1

i’ve been holding my pee omg

I can’t afford another tv = cmon. I want a bag of crap

If my car didn’t crap out to the tune of $1500 last month, I would be all over this! Uggghhhh!

You’ve got time now…but hurry! :slight_smile:

yay another short woot

mee toooooo

People still use the speakers in TVs?

i think there are only 2 of them

FIN?? I need an airpopper!

Vizio is no good. Anyone have a better experience with their products?

maybe 3