Vizio 37” High Definition LCD TV

you have hd but not an audio system?


No kidding what is video with no sound

5, methinks.

I have this same TV and we like it!!! We bought it new from sams club and didnt pay much more for it though

lawl :slight_smile:

We have a 50" vizio, and have been very pleased

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Would rather have the westinghouse… bring back the westinghouse!!!


And we have a winner!

has to be 5 cause its at 40% now… so 2 more… SOMEONE BUY 2

i pray to the woot gods that a bluetooth headset comes next.

vizio is a very good bargain TV. the Hyundai of the TV world.


nice tv

i iz smurt

westinghouses are nicer

sharps and sonys are way nicer. They cost alot more too.

No, what we need is another power inverter. I need some sleep.

Well, I was close. Another mouse.