Vizio 37” LCD HDTV

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Vizio VX37L 37” LCD HDTV

$599.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

Isn’t a new one the same price at Costco?

This is the list price for a Vizio VW32L, the Wal*Mart exclusive 32" model

Is it a 60hz image processor or 120hz? If it’s 120hz, I’m all in…

Yep. And with the newer all-black cabinet and Costco x-tendo warranty.

ah, so the consensus is this is regular price… pass…
i’m looking for a TV for the bedroom and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Costco price is $699 for the newer model VO37L with a 2 year warranty

Costco is $100 more (but it’s also new - not refurb)

I own one, from costco, it’s awesome for the price.

I would like something smaller. THis is too big for my bedroom.

is that bill bixby from the incredible hulk?

I believe it is. HULK SMASH!!!

Froogled. - $599.99

eBay - Items Found: 8. Average Price: $337.375.

Reviews on - 4.5/5 Stars.


maybe as the size goes down the quality will go up.

I have the 42" that I purchased at Costco last Christmas. I have never been happier with a TV. It is currently in my family room, but will go into the bedroom when i get married next year.

yeah it’s only 70 bucks more for a newer model of the same size… brand new

no, its $699. plus tax, which is likely to be $60+


That’s what she said