VIZIO 38" 5.1 SmartCast Soundbar System

Hey Woot is the 2015 model or 2016? THE 2015 has lots of bad reviews.

I Google the item number and this IS 2016 model with great reviews. Lowest “new” price I’ve seen was $198 that I was going to try to get Price Matched at a nearby box store until I got put in isolation… :frowning:

I just bought this system from woot and got it last week. The installation is a bit of a pain, but there are some helpful videos online from vizio. The sound quality is great!! And if you already have a vizio tv (but maybe this works for other smart tvs too), you don’t need to use a separate remote to control the volume. :slight_smile: Also, doubles as a bluetooth speaker for your smartphone or ipad.

Are the satelite speakers wireless also? If so, Do they run on batteries?

The satellites are wired to the subwoofer.

I bought this from woot 4 months ago, installation was SIMPLE, no clue how someone can have a difficult time setting this up.

Start to finish took me (in a tight place) four minutes.

Sounds SOLID, very pleased with the purchase and have been loving it since.

Easy set up BUT no sound from left rear channel. I had to rebox and return.