VIZIO 38” 5.1 Sound Bar System

Be aware that these were literally just on this site (twice) and both shipments resulted in people getting the wrong item. Instead of the 5.1 system, they were shipping the 2.1 system instead. I’m still waiting for my issue to be resolved. There were some serious inventory mixups at Woot on this one. Also, their customer service is subpar for being an Amazon company (or really any company for that matter in the 21st century).

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Got mine in and the sound bar wouldn’t receive power. Sent it back and received the wrong system… 8 emails after and I’m just getting a run around. Talk to different people every time in my email and they keep telling me a replacement will be sent and then that there are no more in stock. This is all while they are still selling them on their site and it says in stock… Yaaaayyy woot support

EEEeeekk! I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time getting a functioning sound system. I’m going to see what I can do to help you out. Would you mind sending me a private message with your order number? Thank you!