VIZIO 38” 5.1 Sound Bar System

I love this sound bar so much after getting it that I went out and bought a second one for my garage. I compared it side-by-side to all the other ones that were available at two big box stores and thought it had the best sound. I’ve been using it for 2 years and have not had any issues. I will say though that I paid less for mine new than these reconditioned ones are being offered for. I think the reconditioned ones have even been offered here on Woot previously for around $100.

Check previous reviews. These tend to not last long. Subwoofer controls sound bar and when woofer goes it is junk. VIZIO will only replace if it is less than a year old.

As an owner of one, I can say with certainty that the subwoofer does NOT control the soundbar. The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar. The soundbar itself can operate as a 2.0 bar even with the subwoofer unplugged. The two rear speakers do connect to the sub, so they are controlled by it, but not the bar itself.
I’ve had mine for over a year and have not had the first problem. It works great, and is especially nice since it recognizes my Vizio TV and its remote. I also connect my MiBox Android TV box to the HDMI IN, for my streaming.

Are the rear speakers wired or wireless?

They are wired to the subwoofer.

I bought a new one at Costco for $175. Loved it until about 3 years later when it just died. This thing will not last long but you will love it until then.

3 years. How long do you expect a low end soundbar to last? You got your money’s worth, times 3 if you ask me.

Yeesh. No! A low demand appliance like a sound bar should last a lot longer, like my old Sony boom box, and various other devices I own. You should demand better of so called durable goods.

I recently bought the newest version (Vizio SB3651-E6) from Costco for $199. I had trouble pairing the soundbar with the subwoofer but once completed, it’s sounds great!

I really like mine, this was the first sound bar I’ve bought that was good enough to replace our entire component surround sound system with because it had such a big sound.
I was leery of the wireless subwoofer but it’s never been an issue.
The Bluetooth connectivity is fantastic too, my phone syncs up instantly with this system.
If these refurbished units are reliable I wouldn’t hesitate to get a second one.
The remote control on mine is impossible to read the display on but, I never really use it anyway.