VIZIO 38” Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Deep Bass

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VIZIO 38" Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Deep Bass
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Sep 28 to Thursday, Oct 01) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Not sure if the moderators are on today but I could use some help as the system told me my first order errored out and so I set about ordering again and now there are two on order!


Are you wanting to cancel the last order you made or the previous?

It appears that it might be past time to cancel one of them.

I’ll go ahead and forward your post and information along to Woot CS to help.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know.

I placed the first order and never got the final screen but rather a “oops too late” kind of a message. When I refreshed the Sale page, the item was still being offered so I hit the buy button and completed the transaction that way. Later I saw two confirmation emails.

BTW, I can’t imagine that it is too late to cancel the extra order. As long as it hasn’t shipped it can be retrieved. IMHO

And yes, I sent an email to customer service as soon as I saw the confirmation.

Almost 24 hours later and the item is still preparing for shipment? Yet customer service states that they can’t cancel the order?

e-mail from customer service:

We are unable to cancel or alter (address, color, size, quantity,
payment method, etc.). Please see our FAQs regarding
changing and cancelling orders.

For future reference, we implemented an order
cancellation button that allows you to cancel an order for a short time without
contacting Support. The cancel button is available through the “Order Details”
page in the “Stuff You Bought” section of your Woot account. Please keep in mind
that you cannot cancel your order if it was placed during a Woot-Off or with
expedited shipping.

Woot Member Services

Not sure how I would know to push the “cancel order” button when your screen said my order didn’t go through.

My account shows 51 orders between March 2010 and now for a total of $4293.08 in merchandise.

The reward for being a loyal customer for over 5 years? Nothing!

Seriously WOOT, is this how you want to end the relationship?

I am asking for some help here for the issue caused by your system telling me I missed out on the item and yet the sales screen still showed the item available. I wanted it so I ordered it and you processed both orders without question.

Not like I have ever tried to cancel an order before on WOOT.

Have spent the last five years telling people about WOOT and what a great website it is.

Seems like there is some way around this without me having to pay to ship this back and whatever other fees may be associated with this.

dayohmyboy: You can self cancel in the first 15 minutes. After that, the order is released for processing. We release order files to the warehouses/vendors constantly during the day.

To stop your order (and all the others that we get requests for), we’d have to stop all orders, locate the order within the file, and re-release the order file.

If shipping labels have already been printed, we would have to stop the warehouse to search in thousands of labels for yours.

It’s just not feasible for us to do this for each request we get.

CS has set you up with an RMA and you won’t be charged the restocking fee.

I get the whole “you can cancel in 15 minutes” if you know you placed and order. However, when I placed the first order, I received a “sorry, you were too slow” screen. So my assumption was “no order”. When I refreshed the Woot main page, there was a sound bar available,(with a slightly different description) so I ordered it. Never thought to check anything since the first order didn’t go through and the second attempt did.

Now, I agree that you would have to search through thousands of shipping labels and that would be difficult.

But, you could redirect the shipping address of the incorrect shipment back to your warehouse and then it will never be sent to me and thus won’t require an RMA and return shipping, etc.

Most of the shipping companies are really good about you being able to override the destination even if the item has already left the warehouse.

I really don’t feel good about the way that this is being treated. I don’t want to pay return shipping as I don’t think this is my responsibility.

Tell me how you would react in my situation.

Thanks for your attention.

I totally, TOTALLY get your frustration.

I just looked at the sale and realized it’s a woot-off sale. We don’t let you cancel for woot-off sales. There are some out there that would play the system by ordering and then canceling to move the sales. So that adds another level of complexity to the problem.

I’ve talked to my CS buddy. He’s gonna send you another email.

Four days later and still preparing to ship.

Seems like this order could have been cancelled by this point. Looks like WOOT just wants to stick to its policy rather than do the right thing.

Hey WOOT since you have decided to give me an RMA and not charge the restocking fee, why not just go into the system and change the ship to location to your RMA address that way once the item is shipped it will just get delivered right back to you.

That would satisfy me and if customer satisfaction means anything to WOOT then they might make this easier.

So I received my sound bar and there was the sound bar, one cable, and the remote.

No manual, no mounting brackets, no screws…

So how do I get the things that I paid for in this transaction?

Please advise.

Please write back into and let them know what issue you’re experiencing. They’ll be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you have with your order.