VIZIO 38-inch 5.1 Sound Bar System

So the rear speakers are NOT wireless? Just the subwoofer?

Correct. Wireless subwoofer and the rear speakers connect to it.

How long are the cords to the rear speakers? I need them to be about 15-20 ft.

That would be the 2 x 8 meter cables mentioned as “In the box”. :slight_smile:

This is pretty good at upscaling 2.1 to 5.1 or 5.1-like experience right? Dts circle sounds like it is capable of doing just that nicely

Rear speaker connect to the subwoofer. Ive had this system for 4 years love it

So the two small speakers are the rear speakers… correct ?

That’s cool… I always thought sound bars didn’t have rear speakers that’s why I never got one… thanks you just changed my mind I think I’m going to get me a soundbar system now. :sunglasses:🖒

What do they mean when they say satellite speakers ?

what are satellite speakers ?

Can anybody out there tell me what satellite speakers are ? I never heard of them before. :sunglasses:

Satellite speakers = rear speakers.

How many watts output for the Bar and rear satellite speakers?