VIZIO 39" 720p LED HDTV with Soundbar

Great deal. Vizio TVs are wicked good and to add a sound bar just tops it. Anyone want to buy one for me. Haha… It’s not my birthday or anything but it is almost Friday.

Check out the product page for the television

Does anyone know of any problems connecting Vizio TV’s to a TiVo via HDMI cable? I ask because my Sharp Aquos got fried by a nearby lightning strike and I tried replacing it with a Philips. The Philips would not HDMI handshake with my TiVo even though the TiVo always played nice with the Sharp. I don’t want to order this just to find out it won’t work with my TiVo (a Series 3 TiVo HD, by the way.) (And yes I tried a newer HDMI cable; no go with the Philips no matter what I did.) Thanks for any thoughts.

Ahhh… 720p. I remember the days. 20th century, I think.

is woot legit real

I have a 32" Vizio currently and have my TiVo OTA DVR connected to it and haven’t had any issues.

Didn’t know they even made 39" in 720p. Who would even buy this thing?!

Watch out guys, the sound bar only has a 30 day warranty!

Though I’d think at this point buying anything less then an HD TV would be pointless, a 39" 720p TV at 60hz with a soundbar… well that’s honestly a good deal.

I dunno. A *reconditioned *model at almost 40" and only 720p ? Either offer a 1080p set at this price, or lower it to $199…

Is it great deal ?

What the hell is with the 720p hate? Are you people for real? And how close do you sit to your TV’s? For anyone considering this TV, if you are sitting more than 6 feet away from your TV, there is likely a negligible difference, if any, between a 720p TV this size and that of one with a 1080p panel. Please reference this guide and educate yourselves a little. Resolution is entirely dependent on viewing distance.

TV is $279.99 new @

So, you get $10 off and a free soundbar for buying a refurb. My socks are still on, but it’s a pretty good deal.

Opened up the TV box today… shipping was not kind to it:

Time to see how effective Woot’s replacement policy is :confused: