VIZIO 39" or 48” 1080p FullArray LED TV

Check out the product page for the 39" and the 48"

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I picked up the 48" VIZIO from the TV sale a couple of weeks ago and it’s been great so far. Plenty of contrast, audio out is handled with RCA jack or fiber optics so it works with my older stereo. The CEC control is nice, my Chromecast and PS3 both self-labelled their inputs, switch the input, and turn the TV on for me. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase so far.

I am needing to fit a specific height limited space. Both here and at the VIZIO website the dimensions don’t seem right.

The 39" TV is 34.56”W x 21.97”H x 7.64”D with stand and 34.56”W x 20.32”H x 2.48”D without. That is a difference in height of 1.64 inches with and without the stand.

The 48" TV is 42.54”W x 26.67”H x 8.27”D with Stand and 42.54”W x 16.96”H x 2.48”D without the stand. That is a difference of 9.71 inches with and without the stand.

So according to those numbers, the smaller TV is taller than the larger TV by almost 4" and the stand heights are more than 8" different from one another.

Something doesn’t seem right. At this point the 48" TV fits my limited space better than the 39" unit.

When you download the user manual off the product page, it states the real dimensions of the 48", without the stand, are:

42.54" x 24.86" x 2.48"

Does anyone know if the 48" is good for gaming? I’ve been trying to look information up by myself, but there seem to be conflicting reports on its input lag.

Ditto this. Wonderful Eric found this too and has updated the sale.

Does anyone know if this is a Smart TV or not?

Trust me, if it were a smart tv, they would have listed it in the title/specs.

Would this work as a computer monitor? I understand it doesn’t have VGA but what about via HDMI? I have a MacBook Pro with HDMI out.

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I have a slightly older model Vizio 55" E series, and use it regularly with my ASUS laptop over the HDMI port. I have not run into a TV that will not accept HDMI input from my PC. as long as you can get the Mac to go out over the HDMI, you should have no issues using this TV. the only drawback is that your max resolution will be 1920x1080.

Thanks for the reply.

Would that limited max resolution make the screen look fuzzy if it was used, say, on a desk? Perhaps 2’-3’ away from the user?



@grounder1187, the 39 inch would perhaps be OK, but the 48 incher would really be pushing it on a desk!

We have a 40 inch Samsung hooked up as a second monitor on an HTPC, primarily for Skyping and streaming movies. But at 1080p resolution, it isn’t that great for other “PC”/internet/etc… work.

Here’s a reference price point for the 39 incher, a new Panasonic 39 inch for $279.99, shipped free (was $249.99 last week!)

At a glance it appears to have comparable specs. You’ll have to decide if it is worth the extra $35, shipped.

Panasonic @ Best Buy

Bought the 39" model refurbished and have had problems with the sound fading. When I turn it up to hear the program it then gets REALLY loud and I have to turn it down. Has anyone else had this problem? It was past the warranty for Woot to replace it and Vizio could not determine what exactly the problem was. And would not take it back. I will never buy “refurbished” again. Woot should not promote defective products.