VIZIO 40" 1080p Full‑Array LED Smart TV

If the apps are important to you, I would be leary of Vizio.

I bought two and neither was able to allow the apps thru my modem. Talking to their “higher level” tech, they decided there was a problem with my firewall settings. I have 3 computers, an Ipod and phone all get thru. And best, I have had 3 times that the TV had a message after turn on that said they had updated the firmware.

I returned the first, and got a second Vizio that had the same problem.

Other than the apps, the TV works well. I don’t need the apps, as I can connect my computers to the TV, but if you do…

I would agree. I have bought 3 smart Tv’s from Woot. (50", 32" and 24" all Vizio’s) and while I love the tv’s…I would stick with Roku for the smart part of it. Just so much more choices.