VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System

The reviews are mostly good, and the few complaints seem to have solutions some of the bad reviews weren’t aware of. Everyone says it sounds great as long as you get the sub balanced out properly and my super cheap Coby 2.1 sound bar has blown the left channel, though for what I paid it sounded just fine and right side and sub still work.
Anyways looking forward to a major upgrade in sound for when I don’t want to fire up my big 5.1 setup just to watch regular TV.

Are the rear satellite speakers wireless as well? It’d be nice to avoid running speaker wire to them (I expect they will need power).

Nevermind, my research has discovered the rear speakers must be wired to the wireless sub.

Also, this same refurb model is $189 on Newegg.

Well that one say used, like new and I think refurbished so it could just be customer returns that are tested and fixed if needed and repackaged. It does list a 1 year warranty on the specs part of the page so I spose if you don’t mind it being a bit scuffed or whatever it might be a better deal. I found that too after ordering but I’ll stay put and see how it looks and works when it gets here.

Mine showed up today in almost perfect shape.
One very small dent in the top of the grill, everything else is perfect like new and all the extras are here. Sounds really nice, had to tweak it a bit as outa the box bass is really cranked up but it appears to be doing true 5.1 if that’s what it gets. The HDMI pasthrough setup is great and if you have a TV that supports ARC it will run the volume from your TVs remote.
Mine is being a bit picky so setting up my Logitech remote to use it and getting everything tweaked the way I like it.
When this thing is on a great deal like here get it.

Glad you’re enjoying your purchase!