VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System

Just BUY one. I grabbed one during a previous woot to replace a Pioneer 5.1 tuner / amp that cratered on me and I couldn’t be happier.
One caveat, the subwoofer is wireless, but the rear speakers which rely on signal from the sub, are wired. They’re generous with the amount of wire given, but if you’re looking for an entirely wireless experience this is not it.

Amazon has this for $30 more for the refurbished version. it seems hit or miss according to reviews, as of this comment, it was 30% 1 star reviews or 60% for 5star reviews. some people complained they didn’t get a remote

I JUST purchased the 38" a couple days ago because this one was sold out. WISH I KNEW because naturally the no return policy forces me to keep this one when I wanted this one. Sigh