VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System

Are all the speakers wireless?

Nope… they connect to the sub

Buy the 36" model of this soundbar NEW at Sam’s for less:

[MOD: Ended]

When I clicked the link the deal said it “just ended”

I have this hooked to my 60” 4K tv and I love it. The rear speakers connect to the subwoofer, which is wireless, so I just run the lines behind the recliners. The only downside is not having independent ability to control the bass. I don’t mind it when I’m watching a movie, but because it’s the living room, it does vibrate up to the bedroom above me and they mind.

You can adjust the bass independently, I have this exact model at home. It does take some digging in the settings.

Same here. I have mine in our bedroom suite and the bass had to be lowered.

Nabbed this as a close out at Costco for a good amount less.

Yep, got the same one at SamsClub for $150, brand new, not respiffed.

On the positive side, it works well.