VIZIO 40" 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 40" 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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8/4/2014 - $99.99 (Woot Plus)

Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Comments from a previous sale
Note the price reduction!

This is a killer price on this sound bar if you don’t mind the lack of Bluetooth. Personally mine is only for movie/tv use so it wont be a probably, but if you plan on listening to much music than you should pass and get another sound bar.

  1. These sound great I have the exact set bought at Costco on sale for $129.

  2. HELP One problem. I can not use Vizio Soundbar unless I unplug my wireless headphones so my wonderful wife can sleep. I can use my Vizio TV remote and turn the TV sound it self off/ON to off,but don’t seem to have a way to plug in Headphones without shutting off sound bar. If I unplug the headphones everything works?

Any comments would be great.Thanks so much.

Can this be mounted to the wall?

Last year I bought a cheap TV from Newegg for my basement bar and rec room. The sound is absolutely atrocious, and the worst part: it only has optical out!

I’m not about to spend $100+ on a reciever for better sound, this little guy might just do the trick instead since it has opitcal in!

The lack of hdmi is somewhat concerning. I think I played with this same model at costco last night and the sound was fine. My worry is that I have a bunch of components that I may have to constantly swap out

Someone that actually has the unit will have to confirm, but from what I can see in the second preview picture it appears that there are some sort of mounting receptacles flanking the center of the sound bar. I can’t be certain of it, but I would guess that it is wall mountable. All of the other Vizio sound bars have been. It would be odd if this one were not.

Originally I thought that would be a problem, too, but this can be easily solved with a SPDIF Digital Optical Audio Switcher. That is if all of the devices you have hooked up have Digital Optical Out.

VIZIO is crap. Go with Samsung or LG. I bought VIZIO one from Woot and it stopped working in a week. I called their customer service who kept pushing me around. When they finally gave in, they said the factory warranty does not apply as I bought from Woot stating the serial number on their record shows that it was sold to Amazon. I explained that Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon and they should honor the warranty, but they would not. What a piece of crap and even crappier customer service. Save your money and spend it on real sound bar.

Does this really sit only a little above 2 inches in height?

Sounds like it’d be great for tailgating! With all the other noise I’m sure it would help boost the sound.

Just note that some of the reviews are for the 5.1 system. It looks like Amazon combined a few products review pages.

It’s been ages since I’ve looked at my receiver so I don’t recall if everything has digital. I think my cable and xbox 360 have digital outs… not sure about my PS3. I’m leaning towards no.

I’m sorry that you had bad luck with a product, but I find it rather irresponsible to to make a sweeping generalization about an entire company based on one bad experience. If you’re going to trash the company and suggest competitors, provide links to comparably priced alternatives by the brands you prefer. At least then you’re providing quality feedback to fellow wooters.

Conversely to your experience, I’ve had nothing but good luck with any Vizio product I’ve purchased. I have the 5.1 Sound Bar, an older original VSB-200 Sound Bar that still works flawlessly and sounds great, and a small 32" TV from about 5-6 years ago that still looks good. While I wouldn’t state in any capacity that the products are top of the line, they are great for what they are. The sound bars sound good and the TV still has a nice picture. 720p/1080i or not. Anyway, my point is that while it does suck that you had a bad experience, it doesn’t mean that a company on the whole is bad. There’s lemons in any product line.

Hi there. You’re in luck. The PS3 has a Digital Optical Out as well. Also, in retrospect I should have pointed out that likely your TV has a Digital Optical out. Since this is only a 2.1 Sound Bar, it will interface nicely with anything you output from your TV since most every TV only outputs in 2 Channel Linear PCM. I hope that helps. I think someone above mentioned that Costco has this unit on sale currently in case you wanted to hear it first.

I actually think I played around with it last night and liked the sound at the display. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger because of the mixed reviews I’m seeing just about everywhere.

Hey, I have an old 36" JVC tube TV. It has an 2 hole (red and white) audio output. Will this work with something that old?

I’ve got it mounted to the wall nicely from the previous sale.

This works great. My only warnings:

  1. The power supply includes a large-ish brick. If you’re planning on mounting this to the wall you’ll have to have a place to hide the power-brick. (Luckily I was able to strap it onto the arm that holds the TV and it stays hidden that way.)

  2. My sub came with a minor physical blemish on top. Some folks might not consider it minor. Because the unit is black and mine sits in a corner I just accepted it (after woot customer service appeased me with something else).