VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System

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VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System
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Condition: Refurbished


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I’ve had one of these and had all kinds of problems with it. If your smart you will stay away from this at all costs!

Costco Reviews

I have one of these, and I like it; my only complaint is the small and NOT user friendly remote control.

Stay away from Vizio products. Purchased the BT soundbar once. POS (piece of s***) and horrible customer service.

For those leaving negative comments, what makes it terrible, per se? No real details…

I own one of these and am quite happy with it myself - works well, provides good sound. The remote is a pain, but once I had my bar set up I’ve not used it again.

I own this exact setup.
Bought it from a brick & mortar for $250.
My little living room isn’t big enough for a full 5.1 setup. This is a perfect alternative.
I bought it on Halloween and it’s been working perfectly ever since.
The remote is a little small, but once I had all the settings where I wanted them I didn’t have to fiddle with it. I just programmed the Vizio remote into my main remote and all is good.

There probably are better bars…but in this price range, this one is worth it.

I own this exact set (paid $276 brand new) and we love it. Yes, it looks small, but the sound is VERY loud and it looks great in our living room. I have no clue why others are complaining, the sound is great on this. Also, someone complained about the remote but our mediacom cable remote works with our sound bar system and it was super easy to setup for it to do this.

I have this exact same model I purchased from the mothership (Amazon) for $250 about two months ago or so. Currently, it’s set up in my bedroom and is more than sufficient. I have no issues with the wireless subwoofer although some reviews said it’s best to keep it within line of sight of the bar.
As for the remote, I don’t use it often as my TV controls the power as well as the volume but feels well made and a good size with a one line LCD that displays some useful information. I only use the remote to change inputs to bluetooth occasionally, which also works flawlessly for me.

All the negative reviews posted here are probably for older models that I can’t speak for. This model however, is a success to me.

Bought this from Costco couple months ago for $250.

Overall, it’s pretty solid setup.

However, remote control does suck, small, led display is not back lit. Rear channel speaker will lose BT connection alot, I usually repair the rear BT speaker, once every 3-4 weeks.

Also BT streaming sucks, never sees my wife’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy5 does seem to sync up better (tried HTC and that was okay), could be Android platform issue.

I’m no audiophile but it is pretty loud and has decent base (base and surround setting is separate option on the remote).

I can’t say for since this is refurbished, but retail unit is nicely packaged, all cables are included including HMDI cable and wall mounts bracket and screws are included, overall great packaging.

It’s not a bad setup, especially for first sound bar and its 5.1.

I have the larger version of this. The sound is great when it is working correctly. It seems to alternate being digital/dolby and sometimes it is flat. It isn’t a source issue because it will sometimes change when pausing/unpausing. Vizio released a firmware update but for whatever reason my soundbar is not taking it. Could be a great product but mine is a bit buggy.

Bought one from a costco brick and mortar months ago. Works great. I like the optical input which made it easy to connect an Apple TV. Bluetooth works great when streaming from an iPhone.

Do the rear satellite speakers are wireless as well?

Wording suggests yes, but the instincts do not.

The rear speakers connect to the subwoofer with a wire. The subwoofer connects to the soundbar wirelessly.

Bought this NEW from “Big A” for $198 last Christmas. Makes my flat screen come alive. Good for gaming and movies. I particularly like streaming music through my phone via Bluetooth.

I’ve purchased 3 Vizio Soundbars from Woot and have enjoyed them all.

-The first was the previous/similar version of this (Vizio 4251). I bought it Refurb and, as far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with it operationally or cosmetically.

-The second was another 4251…because I left the last one behind with an EX and liked it so much I wanted another. I picked that one up ‘Open Box’. The only ‘issue’ was that it didn’t come with 2 AAA batteries for the remote which I found more comical than anything else.

Lastly, I picked up the Vizio 3851 as a gift for a friend. That unit is also a Refurb and, again, no concerns.

I absolutely LOVE the 4251. The sound is impressive, especially considering the size and price. The 3851 is 4" smaller and doesn’t comes with the 2 ‘surround sound’ speakers so the overall sound isn’t quite as good. Also the 3851’s remote isn’t as easy to use b/c there is no Input readout at the top. IMO, spending the extra money on the 4251 vs. the 3851 is certainly substantiated.

Every now and then Woot still lists the 4251 for sale. Last time was about 2 weeks ago:

At that price, $149, I would highly recommend.

Had one from warehouse deals. All kinds of problems. The sub would cut in and out. I had a list of probably 6 things to do to try to hack through various issues with this but never got past step 1: getting the subwoofer to wirelessly connect to the rest of it. A very unrefined and untested consumer product that is not worth messing with. I returned it to the mothership. I will stick with my Samsung 2.1 soundbar and wireless sub which has never, in years of use, had a wireless connection issue to the sub.

This sound bar works great with my Sharp UHD 55" TV.
This Vizio Sound bar gets installed right under your TV on the wall, it connects with an HDMI cable to the HDMI Arc input on your TV. The TV controls the volume on the sound bar, so you only need the bar remote control to pair bluetooth devices like ipods and phones. The bar sends the sound signal to the wireless subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speakers that are wired to the subwoofer. Make sure you have an outlet behind your sofa to plug in the wireless subwoofer.
The great thing about a TV with HDMI Arc input is that any device (bluray, Xbox console, etc) that is plugged to the TV via HDMI will get the best sound connection to the sound bar and you won’t need to use more cables.

Will this system work with my new 4 K TV?