VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System

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VIZIO 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar System
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.6 Stars over at Best Buy

This sound bar is awesome. Install the soundbar underneath your TV. Make sure you have a plug behind or by your sofa and the subwoofer is powered along with the surround speakers and they all connect to the sound bar via bluetooth. No more wires to run along walls and baseboards. The sound is great.

Do the rear speakers plug into the subwoofer?

Yes, they do.

Here’s a link to the quickstart guide.

So wait, thats conflicting information. Do the rear speakers connect via bluetooth OR are speaker wires running from the rears all the way to the sub? The post makes it seem like everything is bluetooth.

The guide I linked above should help.

The satellite speakers connect to the subwoofer via cables. The subwoofer connects to the soundbar via Bluetooth.

You will need a wall plug for the subwoofer to power it.

Agreed on the awesomeness of this setup. I just bought one from Costco about a week and a half ago to act as a temporary sound system in our apartment we are temporarily moving to so I didn’t have to setup my entire HT system. I am really quite floored by how good this thing sounds, and how low this tiny little sub can go. Some people have complained about loosing the sound when changing channels, but apparently it’s easily fixed with a setting (I forget its name).

To note, the wireless sub should work right out of the box…no pairing or anything is required, just plug it in and go. The unit also comes all the cables you need (i.e. RCA, Toslink, HDMI), which is a nice touch. It also includes brackets for wall mounting not only the soundbar, but the satellites as well.

The only hitch I have noticed is that now and again, the dialog level from the “center” channel seems to dip, almost as if there were some kind of volume leveler trying to keep things on a steady plane. It’s not horrific though and hasn’t happened much, so maybe it was just something with the TWC feed. /shrugs

All in all, very happy with this thing. Good price too…it was $80 more at Costco.

Yeah, that was deceiving, but I figured either the rear speakers connected to the Sub or they had power cords that were required (I can’t imagine that battery power would work for long so they’d have to be plugged in somewhere.) I’d probably have preferred the latter in my configuration where I was thinking of putting it. I have power in those locations, but they are too far apart to run the wires to the sub . . . I guess i’ll have to pass.

Great soundbar for the price. You may want to wait for a sale because I picked this up for $229.99 new at Best Buy PM’ing Costco back in December.