VIZIO 40" Smartcast 5.1 Soundbar System

Are these refurbished units certified? If purchased and there is a problem or the unit doesn’t sound good or looses connection is it returned to Amazon? Is return policy the same as Amazon?

Hi there!

These are factory reconditioned but our warranty was longer than VIZIO’s so we gave you the woot warranty.

These are sold by Woot, not Amazon. All Customer Service issues will be handled by CS, not Amazon.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

are the rear speakers bluetooth or wireless in any way, or are they wired?

Just got my unit and it didnt come with any cables or a remote! Is there another box coming to me? LOTS MISSING.

YES. I purchased this and happy to report official Vizio certified refurb.
I had separate bad experience buying a ‘certified refurb’ from Amazon seller that was a joke – basically a used product where portion of fixed (vizio sticker applied to soundbar itself) but rest was completely USED and OLD/improvised packaging (box taped 3-4 times). the goof-balls on amazon selling that stuff should be keel hauled.

This what I consider a “real” factory refurb. the product works but more importantly, it’s in NEW box and packaging.

For this particular product, I really like the 40in soundbar – 2x2inches. we tried a previous Vizio soundbar model that was 3x3inches and it was too big.

This 2x2in model is great. I tried both optical and the HDMI (ARC) connection – the latter being optimal because the TV itself displays volume level for soundbar (with internal TV speakers disabled).

The wireless sub works as advertised.

I have NOT connected the 5.1 surround speakers (they are WIRED to the subwoofer). I just wanted the 2x2in soundbar and wireless sub and don’t care about surround (or the extra wires lying around). so those still in the box.

would recommend this. we have connected to a M55-D0.


subwoofer wireless.
rear surround are WIRED to the subwoofer.

They’re wired to the Subwoofer which is Bluetooth. Terrific sound for such a compact unit. Subwoofer is very versatile, lies flat under furniture or erect on the enclosed stand.