Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

$849.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV, for $849.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vizio VU42LF10A 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

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vizio isn’t that good, its a love it or hate brand. my parents bought this exact one for their room from costco, and it crapped out on them the first week. it kept shutting down on them while watching tv, the screen basically just froze into a white screen. couldn’t turn it off with a remote or the buttons on the tv, you had to pull the plug from the wall basically. they returned it and got another sony bravia but a smaller version of the bravia 46" we have downstairs.

Is hdmi the only way to get full 1080p?

I have have this exact TV (bought from Costco in January for $999 on sale). It is, in two words, friggin’ awesome. I couldn’t be happier (and I thought I’d never like or buy an LCD HDTV). Looks much better than my parent’s 46" Sharp.

Any Warranty on this?

Hmmm… $200 cheaper than I paid for my 37" Aquos 1080p brand new. But, it’s Vizio and it’s respiffed. It’s tempting, but with a 90-day warranty… Ugh. That is hard to swallow when you’re dropping the better part of a grand.

Tiger Direct has a similar model (possibly the newer version of this one) for $899 + $27 shipping. It’s got a 1-year warranty since it’s new…

Not that good of a deal. Refurbs locally (you can sometimes get them at Sams Club) go for $800 or so for this exact same model. Id rather return something this size locally than having to ship it back to woot.

Much better deals can be found if you are willing to pay a bit more, and you have some patience.

I wonder if the delivery guys will bring this into my house for a measly $5 in shipping costs?

Ha. (Please, spare me the replies, I am not stupid and I know the shipping is factored in to the price, thank you.)

Right at the end of the product description where it’s always at.

not really the greatest deal, can get same model new for same price and for a few $$ more you can get a much better brand with more features and better quality

EDITED No, but the other connections won’t give the max performance. The cable in is high def, but you’ll get the best resolution from hdmi devices (dvd player, blu-ray player, etc), connected with the hdmi.

This is based on my experiences with the setups I have purchased. If you’re going to drop the cash for this size TV (Plasma or LCD), you may have a different experience with component than I did.

I dropped about $2500 for my setup (37" LCD TV, DVD-R, cable rental & theatre system). Used component first until replacing that with the new hdmi standard, which looks alot better.

Yup. Only way. If you go component all you can get is 720p&1080i. But Vizio isn’t my cup of tea. Id spend extra for something better.

Vizio VU42LF owner’s thread at AVS Forums

Maryland made the 1st buy? I’m impressed. I hope you’ll post in the forums on how well you like it when it gets delivered to you.

Until all LCD manufacturers decide on a standard for contrast ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio means nothing.

Other LCD sellers may have better ratios, but they also have a significantly higher price tag for the same or near same size.

Don’t get started with Plasma TVs. They’re a whole different ball-game (with incredibly inflated prices). But, like you are thinking, they do go past 60".

you can get a new 42" 1080p LCD Vizio at Costco for only $50 more…with a 2 year (Costco extends warranty’s for a year) and a 90 return policy for any reason. no thanks on the refurb. contrast ratio not too great, one of the big reasons Vizios cost less than the majors (Sony, Samsung, etc)

I love the vizio’s I see when i’m strolling around costco. They’re popular…

yeah, umm, not really