Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

Costco lists a new one at 999 + 50 shipping. I don’t mind refurb, but…having had two 47" HDTV’s (Samsung, if anybody cares) crap out after about 18mos, I’d say the 2 year warranty might be worth it…both of mine would have cost more to repair than replace. Although, I DID use them in my business & run them like 18 hours a day…

Are you trying to say that HDMI isn’t the best cable? Of course it is, and no one denies it or argues about it. No, an HDMI cable may not do much for a 20" TV, but for 40" and up it makes a huge difference. Specially when I look at the difference between my 360 hooked up by HDMI and Component.

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Do I win a free TV for knowing?

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I agree. I have the last generation dvd-r by panasonic (renders at 1080P-no upscaling). The component connection to my LCD TV for 1080P just cannot hack it, but the hdmi connection using the new gen. cables work wonderfully. Nice, crisp picture. Won’t comment about cable input since the signal is only to 720P in my area at the moment…

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If it were not a refurb, I would have one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

Price is great, but not the 90 day warranty.

I have the 50" Vizio and love it. Picture is great. I would follow the suggestions and invest in some HDMI cables to get the max out of this unit.

This television makes an excellent computer monitor. I have been using one for this purpose since July of last year and it has worked perfectly for me. If you do use it for computer make sure you use a DVI to HDMI cable as the standard monitor port on the TV will not allow you to go to the full 1920 by 1080 resolution. It works perfectly with the nVidia 8800 series graphics cards. I can even have a PIP of television running in the lower right corner while I type papers, etc. Also, the tuner, (NTSC, ATSC, and clear QAM) has worked quite nicely as I get all the digital music channels, along with Discovery HD, ESPN in HD, and others without a Digital cable box. Not all cable companies do this, but CableOne does not encrypt these channels where I live. By the way, there were many of these returned to Costco with the same power supply problems, (i.e. shutting off/not turning on). I read somewhere that the company that provided VIZIO with the power supply board used cheap capacitors, which resulted in several different “My TV don’t work no more ya’ll.” type of issues. These are likely ones that have had this issue fixed, but don’t quote me on that. Anyhow this is a nice TV at a nice price.

also component. That’s the one that has 3 wires, one for each color. That has enough bandwidth to display far beyond 1080p. The catch with component is there’s no copy protection, and blu-ray/hddvd players have the provision that a studio can say if the video is not being sent over an encrypted channel, like HDMI w/ HDCP, to artificially degrade the quality of the signal. As far anyone is aware no dvd does this… yet. But it’s possible to set that later down the road. Also component is analog, and HDMI is digital. Typically you’ll get a better picture with HDMI although I have heard of people that use component and think it looks better.

The other two video input types, svideo and composite (same cable type as component, but only one cable carying the full video signal) can’t do any HD resolutions

Not all Televisions can do 1080p from Component though.

The the 720p input from your cable provider has nothing to do with your provider it’s what the studios/stations film in, they just send you the HD feed they are sent. Now if you have Satellite they actually upconvert the 480 single to 720 to give you HD.

In case anyone is having brand hesitation, I’ve owned a Vizio for about a year now, and I love it. Cannot beat the picture for the price. That said, I have to agree with other posters that this isn’t the best deal … I would buy new for just a little bit more.

I picked one up at Costco, new of course, for about 100 more than this a few months ago. It is still working well to this day. I use it for my PS3, laptop, Wii, and a few other things, with no issues. My only gripe is with the remote that comes with it, which sucks quite a bit. Still, I wouldn’t buy it at this price, without a substantial warranty.

I almost bought this over the summer but went with sharp instead. I don’t like how the speakers look on this brand of TV’s… reminds me of someone’s ass crack sticking out from under a shirt. And that would ruin any tv watching for me.

I wouldnt waste any money on this tv. My sister has a Vizio and it stopped working a month later. They live in a town of 80,000 and nobody around here serviced Vizio. Save up 300 bucks more and buy a tv with a better brand.

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This sounds like a btter deal…but you have to pay tax (and membership if you don’t belong to Costco.

Phillips 1080p 42" Phillips $999 S&H included. link

This woot sounds like an excellent deal to me. My friend and I each have a refurb Visio and we’re both completely satisfied. They both arrived in brand new condition.

Wrong. Component can do 1080p. The problem is that most 1080p TVs do not accept 1080p over component. Additionally, many devices will not send 1080p over component. However, these devices and TVs do exists, and component is capable of carrying the signal.


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