Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

Here we go again.


Another TV?!?

Wow! Another TV? Really?

Sweeeet! A TV!!!

i’m off work! this tv will give me time to drive home and hopefully be in time for the bag of crap.


Who wants to watch a bear in 1080p when you can watch it perfectly at 720p!!!


I’d love to get one, but I can’t bear to pay that much.

Can you bear it, another TV.

this one almost seems like a deal.

That’s what we all get for complaining about the fast movers

If I didn’t get a TV already im not getting one now.

How about another good laser detector?


Oh, sorry, it’s just that the picture on that TV is so realistic…

This woot off sure has taken a grizzly turn.

There’s always room for more TV’s…

Wish they woulda had a razor before this. I’ll need a shave before the next deal.

1 review at Amazon


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For those of you who missed out on the other 94 refurb TVs offered today…

that’s not a bad deal at all… too bad I dont have money and I only watch TV on my laptop.