Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV


Greetings wooters. Lets get ready to ruuuummmmbbbbblllleeee!

That bear says, “sadfase”.

Your excellent choice in dogs notwithstanding (I have two), but Vizios are excellent TVs. The “watering hole” that my husband and I patronize has two of them. They have a great picture and they have been there several years. There have been no problems with them, even with all of the tobacco smoke in the air. I highly recommend them. In fact, when we replace our Sony HD Projection TV, we are looking at Vizio. Although, ours will need to be a 52" or larger, so this one is out.

Let me just say, there is a DARN good reason Sony isn’t making projection HDs anymore. It has been nothing but trouble and Sony’s customer service sucks.

My neighbor had a new Vizio that wacked out in 2 weeks, The replacement lasted 5 days and the back light went out, This is why I said Yuk!

Wow! Only one sold!

I bought the 37 inch Vizio HDTV earlier this year, happy, happy, much joy ever since.

Recommend highly!

I’m starting to believe I won’t be getting a TV this Woot-off.