Vizio 42” 240Hz 1080P LCD HDTV


Great TV. Bought at Costco over a year ago. Neighbors with Sony Bravo were jealous when they saw the picture.

The 240Hz refresh rate is as fast as it gets-- and at this price, it’s a steal!..

Why couldn’t woot wait the two to three months I need to rebuild my bankroll after reacquiring employment just this last week? This is exactly what I’m saving up for. Grr!

Save one for me, Woot!

youtube user video.

Good reviews



Cnet Reviews

I must say- nice lightning shot.

This TV is an outright beast… plain and simple.

I have the 47" and I’d say the picture is on par with my parents Sharp Aquos I NEVER use the smooth motion though

Beast = Good or Bad? Not clear on your meaning here.

Cool pic, moonsheep. Hong Kong?

Beast = Good


Wondering about the quality long-term. It’s a refurb, and that scares me a little (having bought refurb stereos before and having been very disappointed with those)…

Anyone able to put my mind at ease?

I have two LG 42" TVs one unit is 240hz and the other is 120hz(42LH55 & 42LH50). I prefer the 120hz. The 240hz adds depth to the scene but makes the objects/characters on the screen look like a south park episode. Im weird though, I prefer NES over my PS3.

This is what cnet has to say about What You Need To Know about 240Hz LCD TVs…

I’ve had 2 Phillips LCD-TVs I’ve bought off WOOT that were refurbs. Both are around a year old and haven’t had a single issue to date. YMMV, but I’m pretty confident in most refurbs at this point.

Available for 699 from Tiger,Comp and CC online,also refurbished. Plus around $20 shipping.

Some other reviews aren’t so spiffy:

I think I’ll pass…