Vizio 42” 240Hz 1080P LCD HDTV

THAT IS NOT THE SAME MODEL. Your link is for the 422,this is a 421 and does not have internet features or fancy remote like the 422.

Ive had a 22 inch Vizio for about a year now that I use as a monitor and a TV. The TV itself is very good but Vizios customer service blows. And they’re REALLY LOUD.

Holy Crap…we just paid over $800.00 for this TV tonight :frowning:

New or refurb. If new you have a better warranty.

Customer service is loud or the TV?

I own this and it’s great. The only weakness may be that the vesa mount area seems a bit flimsy though mine is mounted on the wall (200mm pattern).
Don’t waste your time with the “internet” version unless you want netflicks. They just add what seem to be phone apps that allow you to spend more money, more pay per view, and no other connectivity either to your networked computers or to any browser. Just crap. Better to hook up an old computer and use it to browse or watch movies or Hulu. Hulu looks great on it.

Also, the 240hz… It still seems like the source is more important. Some stations, some shows are great while others, even labeled “HD” aren’t.

Best thing about this is the anti-glare screen. We have lots of big south facing windows and that’s where the TV is. No problem with this Vizio. (If you have a dark room, go ahead and buy a plasma tv; better color, deeper blacks, and much cheaper now.)
I can never imagine going back to old CRT after owning this.

I bought a refurb Philips 42inch on here about a year ago (or so). Arrived with a crushed remote so I called Philips and had one delivered in 3 days.
Then about 4 months ago the picture started going for about a second every 10-15 seconds. I called Philips and they had a repair man come pick it up, he took it to the shop where he worked and brought it back like new a week later.
Now this is a refurb so I was getting ready to pay for the repair but he said I was still under warranty and gave me the date my warranty expires. I checked and it was a year from my purchase date. Woot said “90 day Philips warranty” when I bought the TV but I was covered for a year.
Having said that, I am very happy with the TV and service I received.

customer service, i put my phone on my desk about 4 feet away from my ear (not on speaker) and i could hear every word the guy was saying.

and according to vizio if your tv craps out even while its still on warranty “they cannot authorize a warranty ticket” for it :frowning:

Vizio brand tends to not last as long as the other “top” brands like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc. My in-laws have had theirs for two years and it has broken on them twice with only minimal use. Also, my cousin has had one for five years and it is already showing signs of dead pixels (plasma version).

That’s because your neighbors bought a cheap Chinese knock-off. Real Sonys are called “Bravia”.

my vizio has this crazy technology that tries to account for motion in the frame and smooth it out.

It makes everything look like it was shot PAL (25fps) and converted to 29.97. That is, it looks sort of unnatural and overly smooth. very unnerving. When you turn that off, though, the thing works great. No complaints!

what’s funny is that it IS storming over here in Plano, neighboring city to carrolton… woot hq.

That’s what the 120Hz/240Hz means.

killer deal

Apparently you haven’t met Milwaukee’s Best.

The 421 @ amazon, $849:

This is the 421 model. The 422 is worth the couple extra dollars IMO. I posted this on another site (dell just had a deal with this):

Just a heads up, I got the upgrade of this model, the SV422XVT, at Sams Club. They have it listed at $850, but I got it for $600 due to return/open box. It’s a very nice TV; am really loving it!

Couple things that the 422 has that the 421 doesn’t:
Bluetooth remote with a full qwerty keyboard
VIA (Vizio Interactive Apps)
Integrated Wi-Fi!!

It’s a very nice TV, but if you can find the deal like I did, you want the newer model. The VIA lets you stream Netflix directly to your TV, and lets you do several other things as well (pandora, eBay, facebook, twitter, some yahoo services, and they are adding some new widgets in soon). The only thing I don’t like about the Netflix widget on the TV is that you can’t search for movies the same way that my PS3 allows me to (going up to the top menu, and selecting search, it’s not there for the TV).

I love the Beast.

comparable at costco, not exactly the same, but new, two year warranty, free ship (tax applies) $699.00

We have this set. It is awesome !! Picture quality in 720 or 1080 is outstanding.