Vizio 42” 240Hz 1080P LCD HDTV

The Beginning…sigh.

I mean, I WANT one… but yeah…

Is this better than my 55’’ Samsung?


Son of a Snuffluffagus!

damn. Wish I could pick this up.

and it’s a TV for the win!

more tv’s

Copied from last time:

>>This is the 421 model. The 422 is worth the couple extra dollars IMO. I posted this on another site (dell just had a deal with this):

Just a heads up, I got the upgrade of this model, the SV422XVT, at Sams Club. They have it listed at $850, but I got it for $600 due to return/open box. It’s a very nice TV; am really loving it!

Couple things that the 422 has that the 421 doesn’t:
Bluetooth remote with a full qwerty keyboard
VIA (Vizio Interactive Apps)
Integrated Wi-Fi!!

It’s a very nice TV, but if you can find the deal like I did, you want the newer model. The VIA lets you stream Netflix directly to your TV, and lets you do several other things as well (pandora, eBay, facebook, twitter, some yahoo services, and they are adding some new widgets in soon). The only thing I don’t like about the Netflix widget on the TV is that you can’t search for movies the same way that my PS3 allows me to (going up to the top menu, and selecting search, it’s not there for the TV).<<

See you in a few hours, guys.

Next up-- Tommy Bahama luggage.

I want my BOC!!!

So I can get some sleep yo!


* Hole Pattern: 600 x 200
* Screw Size: M6
* Screw Length: 20mm
* Screw Pitch: 1.0mm

Screw it. Night.

Here are the comments from when it was over on Sellout.woot a few days ago.

Or $700 knives…

This one is beyond my budget. $659.99

I recommend that you buy 2

Next up: Woot Pillow to fall asleep on.

I have one of these… It’s very good IMO
Multiple HDMI inputs

Vizio makes a most excellent TV!