Vizio 42” 240Hz 1080P LCD HDTV

There’s never been a BOC in the middle of the night as far as I’ve seen. Go to bed.


Come on people. Buy faster. I’m fading here.

This model at this price is a guaranteed snoozer, which is GOOD thing, I need some sleep.

in for 1

Might as well go for 2 while you’re at it

It would be just my luck, to lay down and it come up. :wink:

Shhhhh. Maybe we’ll only see three of those sets pop up here this go-around.

I’m going to be mad if I miss the wireless keyboard deal and/or the alarm clock special.

I’ll see in five hours when I wake up.

Do it!

9 total, with two sold so far? What do you all guess?

I wish I had that kind of money to spend on a tv, or 3.

Crayola should make a box of crayons with 1.06 Billion colors. I’d be in for three.

If you buy more than one, wouldnt they ship them all together in one box?

Go CA!!

my math skills say 8 total, 2 sold

I want my razer keyboard!!

running out of beer buy these things Please!!!

but if you don’t have the money I understand

they have to refurb them first, it may take days…

great tv

got it for my son in january from walmart

great for hdtv
great for gaming

great for plug in hd cams

great for photos via usb flash drive

great to hook mac laptop
computer on full screen amazing

240hz almost 3d picture


4 Sold, 56% remaining, looks like 9 total