VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

Bought this last time. Stoked. Just ordered another one.

Bought this last time. Incredibly crisp sound, very deep bass, excellent connectivity (bluetooth too), nice remote, works seemless with my vizio tv. I do wish it had hdmi, but the optical works great, just make sure your tv can pass 5.1 via optical (vizio tvs do, but a lot convert to 2.1).

Do the wired rear speakers connect to the sub, or the sound bar?

They connect to the subwoofer. I have my sub sitting behind a sectional with the satellites connected an running out to either side. Probably has about a 13 foot run each way. They work flawlessly. As long as your expectations are somewhat tempered, you’ll be very happy. The sound is very clean and even. Lacks a little in the midrange, but the upper midrange and bass are handled well. The sub has enough power to shake the couch which allows me to “feel” the bass. It won’t blow you away or rattle your windows, but it’s solid. Others have complained about having issues with the sub dropping out if it isn’t line of sight, but mine has always been in the same spot and I’ve never once had it disconnect on me. I always endorse this product when it’s for sale here. Excellent buy, in my opinion.