VIZIO 42" 1080p 3D LED TV w/Apps & Wi-Fi

Mixed Reviews on Amazon

Take a look at the Manual

Pretty good reviews, straight from

14 reviews with 8 one star isn’t exactly mixed.

Not a great deal… For an extra $60, you can get a 55 inch VIZIO 3d w/apps. Just look on eBay.

I bought the 32" 720 VIZIO Smart TV from woot and it is amazing!!! I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but I am watching Netflix streamed from my Wifi, from 20+ feet away right this second and the picture and sound are awesome!!!

I’m curious… they are designating this as VIZIO “M3D421SR-B” is that because this is refurbished or were there enough modifications from the previous versions to warrant the addition of “B” to the product number? I say that b/c I’d like to get this but the Amazon reviews have concerned me. Any thoughts?

Don;t care if it has apps, its to expensive for a 42inch TV

It’s also a 3D tv as well as having 240Hz refresh rate and being a smart TV…

Value of 3d : 0 to negative (soap opera effect). 240Hz refresh rate negligible. At least $100 to much for a 42 inch refurb. wait until woot have standard smart 42 inch

So after looking around Sam’s has a very similar model available, brand new, ahem for 10 bucks cheaper. Similar shipping cost.

Sam’s Club

Only obvious differences are 120Hz vs 240Hz and 2mil:1 vs 5mil:1 contrast.

Just sayin…

I have the 32 inch with apps Woot sold a few months back and I love it, but this TV has horrible ratings on Amazon. I would be very careful trying to decide if I were going to buy this TV.

Anytime there are more bad ratings than good is a sign to beware!

The refresh rate in that Sams Club tv has me concerned.

First off, notice the URL. It says “42-60hz-led-3d-tv-1080p…” which suggests that might even be a 60hz set.

Then read the specifications of the tv:
Specifications - General
120Hz effective refresh rate for stunning picture clarity

Video Refresh Rate: 120Hz

Also in the description they say “120Hz effective refresh rate” which makes me think it is marketing-speak for “it is actually 60Hz but we do something fancy inside the set so we call it 120Hz.”

Can anyone confirm my suspicions?

I can confirm, you have suspicions.

Not a true 240hz tv; additionally you will not see a 240Hz tv for $10 per 1 inch, if the price is too good to be true it’s because it isn’t true.

This is a “240Hz SPS” which is just like the other “120Hz trumotion” crap which basically means it’s 120hz with software that adds additional flashes and blank screens to try and get rid of motion blur without actually using the expensive technology that is 240Hz. The TV uses “scanning backlight” to try and make up for not being 240 frames per second.

I would say it is pretty safe to assume this TV might even be a 60hz with software to try to give 240hz appearances…

I would stay clear unless your exceptions are for a 60hz 42" and don’t care about motion blur.

Refresh rate is mostly marketing jargon anyway. My 32" Vizio is 60Hz and I’ve never noticed any motion blur, neither has anyone else that’s watched it.

Who do you force over your house to watch 32" TV? Poor guys…

32" is small enough that you typically won’t notice it, the larger the screen the easier it is to notice motion blue. I got a 32" samsung in 2005 that is a 60hz and a 1 year old Vizio 60hz, both have motion blur but you don’t notice it much unless you’re watching sports like hockey.

At my girlfriends house we have a 47" vizio and a 60" vizio, both are 120hz and sports look much better on both and movies you can really see where the 120hz kicks in.

I am currently house sitting at my aunts house, she has a 75" samsung on her living-room wall that is 240Hz and sports look amazing on it. If it was 120hz or 60hz the TV would look like trash.

Trust me, the hz make a huge difference in viewing pleasure with high motion movies and sports; if you’re talking 32" 60hz then you’re clearly talking 10 year old technology. I had my old xbox on a 32" 60hz for years and bought it before the xbox 360 even came out.

… Snorts the TV snob.

Some of us like our 32" TV because it isn’t a necessity to our existence.

Does this come with any warranty? The DOA after a week reviews have me spooked.

  • Just saw it - 90 days, too short on a model with this history. Pass.