VIZIO 42" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

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VIZIO 42" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Mar 03 to Friday, Mar 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Check out this “excellent” review over at Cnet and check out the product page

Review over at Digital Trends

Bought this during last sale - was clearly never successfully rerubbished. Shipping box showed no sign of damage, but the screen was clearly visibly broken.

Woot CS was great handling the return!

I can’t speak to the refurbished models, but I bought the 55" version of this TV new from Amazon about a month ago, after reading CNet’s rave reviews of it. I’ve been really happy with it, especially for the price I paid.


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Sorry for the problem. Sounds like it was damaged in shipment. Glad CS took care of you.

I bought the 39" model from Woot last week. It arrived a couple days ago with an inch wide black line down the center of the screen. I turned it on again last night thinking maybe it went away ( I know, silly) and the HDMI port wouldn’t work! UGH. Probably just going to buy new TV’s from now on.

Woot did send a prepaid return label…but what a pain in the arse.

This is from the C|Net review:

“…all of the E series lack any kind of smoothing/dejudder processing. You might not like the so-called Soap Opera Effect such smoothing induces, but with most other 120Hz TVs it’s an option you can turn on or off. With the E series, it’s simply not available.”

The refresh rate in the specs says it has 60Hz Native / 120Hz SPS.

So basically my question is, does the soap opera effect setting not exist on this model? What’s the point of having 120Hz SPS if smoothing can’t be turned on? Or am I reading this wrong and instead this means the smoothing setting is permanent?

TIA :slight_smile:

Anyone have any input on “Warranty: 90 Day Value Recovery Services” For about $75 more you can get this new on Amazon with a 1 year warranty from Visio. I’ve usually had pretty good luck with refubs but debating whether this one is too risky…

I bought the 24" Refurb from Woot a few woot-offs ago. It arrived and worked great for ~20 minutes, then promptly started overheating and shutting itself off within shorter and shorter time intervals until I finally gave up. From the other posts, it sounds like Woot doesn’t test these TV’s before sending them out–I’m not sure I’d feel confident buying another refurb Vizio (even though we own 2 great Vizios that were bought new) from Woot ever again. Has anyone EVER gotten a good Vizio refurb from Woot? I wasn’t even offered an exchange, just a full refund–I just wanted a cheap tv… :frowning:

I bought 2 32" Vizio Refurbs a few years ago, arrived looking new as ever delivered by FEDEX, and I have not had a single problem with either… ever… I also got the square trade wtys…Am happy with both. Probably would have bought this if I had paid attention earlier…lol