VIZIO 42" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

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4 Stars on Amazone
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Solid reviews at amazon

Lots of good reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

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Actually, the reviewer admits in the comments thread that the entire review is based on first impressions from a trade show. it’s not an actual review and is kind of misleading. Just sayin’!

I bought this TV at Sam’s last year for $599. It’s a really nice TV. Great picture, easy internet access. I have not had any problems with it at all.

Do not buy TVs from woot. They are refurbed and packaged poorly. The LG TV I bought 6 months ago showed up in a banged up brown box and is now a giant paperweight. Buy new. And not from Woot.

Has anyone else had a poor experience with TVs from Woot? I was really contemplating buying this one but J’s comment has me reconsidering.

Yep, I sure have. Bought a Philips refurb which only lasted for a few uses before developing a power issue. It will still turn on at some random times, but unfortunately those times are not necessarily when we’d like to watch it.

I purchased an LG from Woot about a year ago. The controls on the TV did not work (the remote worked fine) from day 1 but the picture is great. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was in the middle of moving when it came, I probably would of returned it and asked for a replacement. Other than that, it’s a great TV.

Are you aware that Woot/Amazon has the best return/replacement service in the history of man? if your TV came with a dog eared box Woot would have sent you a over night replacement with no questions asked.

Consider this your fault.

I bought a similar Vizio 42 inch / 120hz from Woot about 6 months ago. Perfect shape- listed as “refurbished” but delivered brand new. Best purchase I’ve ever made. Love it. This one looks even better (narrower edges)

My 2 shillings.


Agreed! I bought the refurb Vizio 32 inch, Smart TV about a month ago. After some connectivity issues with the wifi (which I solved by moving the modem less than 100 feet…through no less than 3 walls…away…listen, I tried, it’s not like I went over to amazon and gave it 1 star because of my own idiocy) it has worked without issue…and as a side note, I’ve been VERY pleased running Netflix through this at 8 bucks a month. My 100/month satellite dish is starting to feel the mid-summer heat a little early.

I just read a review on Amazon, say’s “It won’t do NETFLIX!”…Can this be true?

I had the same thing happen to me. I bought a 3D LG 46" and it arrived damaged, scratched, and poorly packed; but Woot took it back, and gave me a full refund; so I took a chance and bought another LG from Woot. Well this time the LG HDTV was well packaged and arrived in “like new condition.” This is not an LG, it’s a VIZIO, but I feel Woot has worked to improved their Big Screen TV shipping procedures.

I wasn’t going to buy anything from woot what with the new “cart”. But I couldn’t say no to this deal.

Not true at all, I bought this TV New from a retail store a week ago and it plays Netflix just fine. There is an issue with the wifi, either move your router close or us a wired connection.

I bought one of these new last month, and I can highly recommend it. Netflix works just fine, as does Amazon instant video. The third service offered on the TV is M-Go, but I haven’t tried it.

where is it stated actually what their return policy is? also refurbs are supposed to be checked out better than new items and gone through an intense check but unless it is manufacturer refurbed all bets are off it is a crap shoot and gamble I have bought refurb stuff from woot and its hit or miss and as far as cosmetic scratches good luck I was told by woot that they DO NOT RETURN FOR COSMETIC REASONS I bought a refurb ipod touch and called them up after I received it becuase it was all scratched up showing heavy usage and was told sorry we cannot accept returns for cosmetic reasons I replied but this is a refurbed item it should look as new they said sorry it is not refurbbed by apple but by a third party learned my lesson no refurbs for me unless backed by a square trade or manufacturer refrub warranty