VIZIO 42" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

**Item: **VIZIO 42" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $369.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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5/11/2013 - $369.99 - 54 comment(s)

Read (and watch) this “good” review over at

Does this do 4:4:4 Chroma?

Lots of additional info, straight from

Note that the 120Hz is a fake “effective” refresh rate (see here:

Looks solid. Would usually be a buy for me (you know, because my opinion carries such clout and everything) if I wasn’t stuck trying to flip the TVs I already have.

Have to laugh. I looked at the stats and read “Purchaser Senility”. Blinked a few times and re-read it. Oops, “Purchaser Seniority”.

bought this tv and returned it but I paid 588 for it new .first let me say I own 3 vizios a 55" and 2 32" tvs the clarity is awsome on all the 55 is 240 hz and is awsome that being said the new generations of tv now are even better hd and 1080p I did not think this vizio was up to par with the rest I have in the house I returned it for an LG 3d cinema a little more money but was eye popping 1080p I think my new brand for tv will be lg . vizio has seemed to decline in quality from the last 4 years

does anyone know if this can play files video files? (e.g. mkv, mpg, divx, avi)

edit: it looks like “no”. page 43 of the manual talks about playing music and photos from a usb drive, and doesn’t mention video. also, this thread talks about how the hardware is capable, but the VIA apps are all account based services. it looks like their marketing strategy is capturing consumers rather than providing a quality product :frowning:

bought this for my girl for christmas. Overall the picture is beautiful and the sound is sufficient.
A couple of negatives:
-the remote buttons are wearing off, so you can’t tell what some functions are.
-sometimes you turn on the tv and there is no sound, power cycling it will fix it.
-the one app meant for playing files over a network says coming soon, we haven’t been able to update the firmware yet
-the netflix app will randomly (infrequently) freeze the tv, requiring the power cord pulled to fix
-the amazon app takes forever to load a stream, compared to netflix and is only a small panel on the side of the screen, not a fullscreen app like netflix

perhaps all these issues, except the remote control are fixed by a firmware update

Got the 32" Vizio offered here and the picture is fantastic. It has become my favorite TV, (and my first internet ready one)The usb port not only supports photo, music AND video, but actually allows my 2 TB WD external HD to work with it! What a great plus. We now have hundreds of movies, music and family photos available on the screen in a flash. The picutre, even streaming Netflix on a wireless network, about 30 ft from the source router, is near perfect to my eyes. If this bigger one is as good, I’d say it was a great buy.

I would not get too hung up on the “60Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz…” thing. Chasing claimed specs does not result in a better picture.

Just about every manufacturer has marketing names to exaggerate their refresh rate. Although VIZIO is a bit slimier by not using a marketing name, simply claiming “effective 120Hz”.

This crazy refresh rate game started because earlier LCD panels had serious motion blur having to do with the responsiveness of the LCD technology. Most reputable brand TV’s over the past couple of years have greatly reduced the issue.

Anything over 60Hz is ‘processed’ - the extra detail does not exist in the source video. TV’s (and DVD players) use various processing methods to add content or frames between the original 24/30/60 frames per second material. Some TV’s do it better than others. So the proof is in real world viewing.

Film is 24 frames per second so even well done higher refresh rates can actually look unnatural (too smooth) to a purist. That processing can introduce undesirable side effects. The ability to disable this processing is a plus.

There are credible sources in a lot of places but here is a simple example:,2817,2379206,00.asp

Caveat: if you game from a PC with a high end video card you hopefully already know you’ll need to search out a monitor that accepts an 120hz (actual) input if your video card supports it.

Sorry to say but there is currently no such thing as an LED tv, the guys are correct, its all LCD backlit by LED. And you don’t have to look very far to figure that out:

There is however a new technology called OLED (organic LED) but not really shipping as yet and they are all in excess of $12000.00. LG is one of the first TV manufacturers to launch an OLED TV, Now taking preorders! The US$13,500 55EA9800 will be available starting next month, but this is limited to the Korean market for now. Unfortunately, both availability and pricing for other countries in Asia will only be announced later.

You’ll need to determine if $125 savings (less Square Trade $60 for 1 year coverage) is worth buying refurb.

MSRP: $499 (online pricing seems to hover around $450+ for my quick check)
Woot: $375 delivered

VIZIO page showing price & specs: