VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/Wireless Sub & Satellites

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VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/Wireless Sub & Satellites
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Well Rats, I just ordered one from Best Buy last week for 299 (came bundled with speaker stands but still) This is a nice sound bar, the sub is wireless and the rear speakers are wired to the sub but at least you don’t have to run wires across the room. There is only an optical in and analog.

Double check when you get it, there was a firmware update, but would hope they would have flashed it during the refurb.

firmware fix update info., if you go here:

User manual here:

If you want way too much info on the bar go here:

Four perfect reviews over at

[youtube=h6NNnEDXGsY][/youtube] gave this a great score (9.1 out of 10.0)

Just bought, and then returned, this from Costco a couple of weeks ago.

I was hoping to get the slightly-better-than-wimpy-TV-speakers sound that soundbars are notorious for so I could hook it up to the TV in my bedroom. What I got was booming sound that rivals any HTIB I’ve ever listened to…which is why I returned it…the sound was actually too much for a small sized room like a bedroom.

I paid around $250, as I recall.

The thing also features bluetooth streaming and delivers much better sound than those jambox things, so it can serve that purpose too.

The main unit fit underneath a 42" TV pretty well. The subwoofer is powered and wireless and the satellite speakers are wired to the sub.

It sounded so good that I would have considered using it with my “main” living room TV if I hadn’t already purchased another HTIB for it.

The remote is IR and I was able to program a universal remote to perform all functions. My only gripe was that because I was using the universal remote, the TV volume would also increase when making the sounbard louder…but that’s only because my TV is a few years old and doesn’t have the option to disable built-in speakers.

Probably won’t replace your receiver as it has limited inputs…but buy without reservation if you’re in the market for something like this.

This is The Wirecutter’s pick for Budget Soundbar. Sort of. They picked the 2.1 version for “budget soundbar” and then added this version in the review talking about how good it is (since it’s essentially the same thing but with rear speaker’s added).

However this version as a “C” on the end of the model name. Is that because it’s refurbed?

Own it and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I purchased this exact unit during the Black Friday event a little over a month ago. I am absolutely happy with this and the sound is incredible! I’m not too much of a techy, but I know good sound when I hear it. It doesn’t sound boxy like other units I listened to while I was trying to make up on mind on what bar to go with. I Love the 5.1, and many movies that you can stream any of the various outlets, (NEtFlIx, Amazon Prime, etc.) are streamed in 5.1 sound.
You won’t go wrong with this unit. It also is a TOP rated bar on Amazon.

Very nice sounding bar.

I’ve been looking into Soundbars over the last several days, and have come down to a choice between this one (inexpensive 5.1 with excellent sound) and a Sharp HT-SB60 (Even better sound, but only 2.1, but almost the perfect width to match my 60" tv). I’ve listened to this one, and it’s darned good. Wish I could hear the Sharp.

This is roughly $100 under the non-refurb price. Really hard to go wrong with something that gets universal praise.

Can someone tell me how the rear speakers are powered? I’m having trouble finding information on this.

Cable from the rear speaker plugs into the subwoofer; the subwoofer is then plugged into the wall.

Guess I’ll give it a plug too! I got one from costco back around summer. Love it. Only complaint I have, is the optical jack is oriented down. So you can’t set it on something without a 90° adapter or something. Essentially, as is, you have to mount it to the wall. I originally didn’t want to, since I wouldn’t be able to hide the cables, so I compromised eventually and mounted it an inch above my media cab. While it was sitting, I had it leaned against the wall, so the plugs went down and behind my cab, but my cleaning lady kept moving it around, and the optical plug got a little loose. But it also wasn’t very tight fitting to begin with.

Sounds great though. Only gripe i have (and I suspect this is my TV rather than the bar) is that when I run pandora, there’s a slight delay before the song comes through the bar…

we got one on black friday at costco (199) and really like it - the only drawback I see is that the volume “granularity” (not sure what the word is) isn’t as good as our TV. It seems to go from “not loud enough” to “a little bit too loud” with only 1 click.

Seems like this is defeating the purpose of owning a soundbar if you ask me. I wanted a soundbar instead of a full speaker set so I wouldn’t have speakers mounted and wire running everywhere (I have both a soundbar and a full setup in my house).

I bought the vizio 38 inch with integrated bass. That alone is more Than I need. I use it on volume level 5, and it goes over 10! Very loud and clear.

The major downside is no real display on the unit. Settings are indicated by a fewl lights on the bar. Unless you have the manual handy, it can be confusing to understand.

Darn good soundbar. I highly recommend it. It does only have a few inputs. But I recommend using the optical out form your TV anyways. Makes it significantly easier when you switch inputs.

I use it primarily for gaming and while I am not audiophile, I noticed no noticeable lag from the rear speakers and sub.

I picked up one of these as well for 198 on black Friday. Extremely happy with the purchase. The sound is phenomenal and having the rear speakers wired to the wireless sub works great for me. I have the soundbar sitting underneath my TV and have no issues with connecting wires.

This sound bar does have limited inputs so it can’t replace a true receiver system. One of the features I like the most is the ability to pair my phone, tablet, computer, etc with the device and play music seamlessly.

One of the downsides are the rear speaker wire connectors are a little bulky making it hard to fit through some speaker stands.

Somebody please fill me in. I don’t see it mentioned on the specs. Is the soundbar have its own built in amp…or do I need to connect this to a receiver/amp to work?? Thanks!

The soundbar had its own amp. Optical from your TV to the sound bar, then a wireless signal from the soundbar to the 'sub. Wires from the 'sub to the satellites. We own the previous version of this and love it. A “Leading Consumer Magazine” (Consumer Reports) ranked that version at the top of the ones they reviewed. Ours was a refurb from Wal-Mart and we had to return a few before we finally received a unit that was able to wirelessly connect (“pair”) to the subwoofer. I’m assuming that (known) issue has now been fixed by Vizio after reading the comments here. These Vizio soundbars are are so good & powerful that you could even use the bar by itself without the subwoofer or satellites and have great audio (obviously minus the surround sound). If we didn’t have the version we do now, this seems like a sweet deal and we’d buy one.

Perfect timing. My Phillips soundbar (Woot buy from 3 years ago) just died and I was looking at the Vizio 215 or this one. Both had stellar reviews so in for 1. Maybe 2!

Does anyone know how long the cords are that connect the rear speakers to the sub?