VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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This was a great deal when I bought it at 189, it is a SCREAMING great deal now, BUY IT!

I have had this since February. The sound is amazing, I love the fact that the sub is connected via bluetooth and the rear speakers are connected to it so there are no wires across the room. The remote is great and all the options with the sound adjustments make fine tuning easy.

Don’t pass this up!

Why aren’t companies putting HDMI inputs, and pass throughs on these things? I have a Sony HTCT150 that is 5 years old, and has 3 HDMI inputs, and an HDMI output, as well as other audio connections. I keep wanting to jump on deals like this, but none of them fit my needs like what I already have does. Grrr… I’m a tech geek, and I want to upgrade without spending a fortune.

Not an audio visual tech geek. I have one of these and it is great. I have a DVD Player, Roku, and Cable box connected to this using an HDMI splitter. One HDMI to the TV, the rest connected to the splitter.
Everything works great, and only one wire to the TV. I love that. All my stuff is Vizio, except the Roku.
The HDMI splitter has a lighted button to press in order to select the proper HDMI going to the TV. I think it was about $10.
Maybe not all TVs would work this way and maybe I just got lucky with having everything Vizio.

Love mine. Totally customizable and sounds great. The wireless sub/satellite combo makes placement a breeze. Highly recommend.

How are the satellite speakers connected? Are they wireless as well? I see that the system comes with 13ft of RCA cord for them, but this isn’t even far enough to get them away from the sound bar.

The satellite speakers are connected by wires to the sub.

The satellite speakers are connected to the subwoofer, not the soundbar. This allows you to still not have any wires coming from the soundbar, but also means the subwoofer needs to be placed in the back so that the satellites can be connected to it. I found the 13 foot wire was not long enough for my rear right speaker since the subwoofer is on the back left side of my living room, so I simply attached another 15 foot extension RCA to that run.

The satellites are connected to the woofer with the wires supplied. The woofer gets its signal via bluetooth. It works really well that way.

The satellite speakers connect via cable to the subwoofer.

Here’s the set up manual for more information.

It is worth noting on this that the wireless portion of this setup does use bluetooth, at 2.4 GHz. Why would this be important? Your WiFi is most likely on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

I have this soundbar and it killed the WiFi in my living room when I first installed it. I ran a handful of speed tests on my laptop with the soundbar on and then off, and even ran test while moving in and out of my living room and I know this was the cause.
A couple of calls to tech support and some internet browsing, and my only solution was to run a 2nd router directly underneath my living room to boost up the WiFi signal in that room.
My TV which runs off of my 5 GHz band never had an issue, but the laptops and phones that used the 2.4 GHz needed this fix.

I bought one of these the last time back after tracking new ones on Amazon. The unit was defective out of the box - the main speaker kept cutting out completely. However, I called and got it replaced, and the replacement has worked flawlessly ever since.

I bought one of these from Amazon, a while back, and I have it setup in my basement, connected to a 50" TV. The sound is great and the surround effect is surprisingly good for a soundbar system. The remote works very well and allows enough adjustment of audio and surround settings to get the speakers sounding well balanced. I feel good recommending this soundbar.

The only issue with this is you are probably going to want a tv with Dolby hdmi pass through. Most Vizio tvs do this. So, you would be able to get surround over optical from whatever HDMI source the tv is connected to. This is a great surround system when configured properly and speaker stands in the back. Subwoofer can stay on the floor.

I’ve been wanting a sound bar or surround sound setup for years but could never justify it. Finally jumped on this after the good reviews and comments. Pretty excited :slight_smile:

Bought mine a couple months ago for $179 from woot.

Pros: great sound/value; really good base; great connectivity with bluetooth; love the wireless speakers and woofer

Con: not great volume control: Wish there were more intermediate levels…(not too bad)

I would definitely purchase again, even at 179

I haven’t had any issues with laptop/phone wifi…only issue I have had after using bluetooth is loss of signal with my digital cable box (AT&T UVERSE)

I think Vizio opted against putting HDMI inputs on this because it would increase cost. They want you to use your TV as the switcher, and use the digital optical (SP/DIF) output on your TV to direct the sound to the sound bar. If you have a Vizio TV, or a newer Sony TV, you will be fortunate to have Dolby pass through, as another wooter already mentioned. Most TV’s will not give you true 5.1 channel surround sound, but downgrade the signal to linear 2 channel PCM. The sound bar does a convincing job of taking this two channel signal and applying a matrix (like Dolby Pro Logic II) to make a faux surround sound effect. It’s good, but not discrete. If you want discrete channels of audio, and a true mix from the way an audio track is meant to be heard, then you have to connect it directly to source via digital optical or coaxial. Otherwise you get the fake surround.

I say it every time this unit comes up, but this is a fantastic deal, and at this price even better. I paid $200 for it (factory reconditioned) and it was a good deal then. It has been working for me for a year and a half or so now with no problems. All necessary cables were included. The sound bar is a good mixture of minimalist form with solid sound quality. I greatly prefer the visual aspects of this older version than the newer one, which I think is unsightly and God awful looking. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. The remote, while not backlit (definitely a con), does a good job of giving you decent control over the unit. You can adjust treble, bass, subwoofer output, surround output, night mode, center channel volume, etc… If I could convince my wife that we needed surround sound for our bedroom, I would have already purchased another one. It’s that good. The subwoofer has decent range, and there is plenty of cable in the RCA connectors for the satellites to move them where you want. All in all, you really can’t go wrong with this. Two thumbs way up, and don’t go back to a 2 channel bar until you’ve heard this.