VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT SoundBar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT SoundBar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $189.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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While I can’t speak to the quality of this specific model, I gave my parents the next step down (the 2.1 soundbar with wireless sub) and they love it to death.

Mounted easily to the wall beneath their tv, looks great, and sounds even better. Compared to the speakers built into their TV, it’s a whole different world.

The Wireless sub is small and easily tucked behind a couch, but provides the punch that’s always lacking in the often tinny TV speakers.

My guess is that this won’t replace a true 5.1 setup with a good receiver, but that’s not the point is it?

I have been using this same setup for about a month now. Moved, and running wires for the rear surrounds was impractical. Paid a similar price for a returned unit at $@m$.

In short, I am pleased with the purchase. The sound is much better than the speakers on my Samsung TV. I programmed it to control volume with the TV remote, so I don’t need the Vizio remote unless I want to change settings.

Rear speakers are wired to the sub unit, so that limits placement out of the box, but I plan on making new wires (RCA connectors) in lengths that allow me to arrange the speakers more elegantly. I may try different rear speakers at that time as well, but overall I am impressed with the sound of this set up.

If I hadn’t already purchased, I would be hitting the gold button.

I have this item, purchased new from the mothership. As others have noted the wireless sub does add some real convenience not dealing with wires. I have this connected to my 55" Vizio M-Series and it sounds great. The TV remote natively controls the soundbar for an added bonus, but the one that comes with the SB is essential to configure the levels, tone and balance of the set.

This is a great deal for this kind of money, and I recommend it if you’re in the market for a soundbar set.

I purchased this in May 2014 from woot. Very happy with this surround sound system. Sound is amazing on action moves. Setup was easy with the system working with my Visio tv remote.

Wall of text inbound. I replaced an older Vizio soundbar (VSB-200 I think) with this one. Old one worked fine, I just wanted the 5.1 channel option this soundbar brought to the table. I can’t say enough good things about it, and I wholeheartedly endorse the product. If you’re looking for a top notch new soundbar that delivers true surround, look no further.

As others have said, the surround speakers are not wireless, but connect to the sub. So make sure you have room to run those, and a way to hide them. The bass from the 6" woofer is also fairly significant. It seems to be a little more slap happy when listening to music, which I suppose could be a minor complaint, but you can easily control the level of bass it gets with the remote. All channels are adjustable in their output, which I think is a big plus. The only downside to the included remote is that the display is not backlit.

As a final note, a simple word of warning that the only way to get true 5.1 out of this is to have it connected via digital optical cable. Since most TV’s, with the exception of Sony and Vizio, do not output 5.1 from their digital optical output you might be limited in what you can connect to this without buying additional accessories. In what I have read, most TV’s will output 5.1 if your source material is from an antenna and over-the-air broadcast. Anything else connected to the TV, HDMI, Component, whatever, will not output 5.1. The unit will simulate surround with all other inputs, for what it is worth.

Still, fantastic value, and the factory reconditioned unit I got from woot! is still kicking and awesome. Pull the trigger and don’t be concerned about buyers remorse.

Got this from SAMS about a month ago. Paid around 20 bucks more but it wasn’t a referb. Hooked it up to a 42inch Samsung tv that was using a PC speaker w/woofer setup. Setup was pretty easy (if you read the instructions and don’t get impatient) Sound bar is on the bottom of the tv, woofer behind a couch with sat speakers on both ends of couch. This area/system is mostly for gaming. Played a HD dvd on the Xbox 360 HD dvd player and it sounded great. Not as good as t he Bose system in the theater area but enough to enjoy the PS3, xbox 360 and xb1 (and the wii) Kids use it mostly but they say it works great and makes the games more enjoyable.

I have been using this sound bar with a Vizio 60" flat screen for over a year. I like the sound and it’s works very nicely. Early models had a sound issue that they offered a firmware update for. My guess is since these are reconditioned, that’s already been done but I did want to mention it. you can find the firmware, user manual and other info here:

The input to the sound bar works best with the optical input. The optical wire is included which is a nice touch. Basically you wire the optical input to your TV and then HDMI your other components to the TV itself like your Blue Ray Player, cable box etc. I also use my networked WD-TV Live with the soundbar (wired through the TV via HDMI) and it gets true DTS sound. You will know if you are getting DTS sound when you start the source, there is a small white lit DTS symbol that illuminates only for a few seconds then goes out at the bottom left of the soundbar.

Another nice feature is you can hook up a blue-tooth source like your phone and play your Pandora or whatever through the system. Granted it’s not for music but honestly it does a very nice job.

If you are looking for some specific info on this my guess is you will find it buried in this huge thread on an AV forum here:

Lots to slog though but it’s helpful.

One last thing, I put my rear SS speakers on stands and it really helps with the SS effect. ~peaty

What is the digital coaxial cable for?

I can honestly say that I haven’t ever tried to utilize it. Some older upconverting DVD players and even early on blu-ray players have digital coaxial out. If you have a media device that has digital coaxial out, you could utilize it. I cannot speak to whether or not it will give a true 5.1 surround on that input, though. If I still had the blu-ray player that had this output on it, I would sure try it for you, but I’ve long since gotten rid of it. The gentleman that linked the AVS Forum post on this soundbar might know, or if you peruse that forum, you might find someone in there that has tried it.

I have this sound system with my vizio 60 inch tv hooked up via digital optical cable. This is an amazing sound system and at this price it’s worth every penny!

do you hav any cheaper deals

Sorry, just the ones shown.

I’ve had this exact same unit for several months now. It is in my masters bedroom. While it doesn’t compare to the full blown $$$$$ rig I have in the home theater basement, this is one rockin rig for smaller spaces. Unbeatable performance for the price. I almost want to get another one but I wouldn’t have anywhere else to use it.

Hi all, I bought this unit back in July of 2014 off of a sellout woot offer for $169 and haven’t regretted the purchase one bit. As most have said: shipped very securely, easy setup, very good sub-rear speaker Bluetooth set, all around very good sound, remote works like a charm - a lot of options to dial in your perferences & doubles very well to Bluetooth music in from another source. No complaints, all smiles = ) I RECOMMENDED THIS TO MANY OF MY FRIENDS.

Just bought another one (this one) for the GF, even though it’s $20 more.